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Jul 23, 2011 08:56 AM

At-Home Indian Catering?

I'm having a ~ 100 person party at my home in the fall.

Anyone know of any restaurants / individuals that offer at-home indian catering -- cook the food on site, in the boston area?

Specifically, it would be great if there was a Dosa specialist; but other types of Indian food might work as well.

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  1. Guru the Caterer might be what you're looking for.

    Guru the Caterer
    1297 Broadway, Somerville, MA

    1. Biryani Park says they do catering on their website, you could call and ask about the on-site part:

      Biryani Park
      105 Broadway (Route 99), Malden, MA 02148

      1. I know that the India Samraat on Mass ave does a ton of catering. I interview the family for an feature on their 20th anniversary and they told me how much of their business is catering to groups at the colleges and universities. They are very nice people and I'm sure they could come up with a great menu for your event.


        India Samraat Restaurant
        51A Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115

        1. India Gourmet has outlets in a few of the area mall's food courts. I can't speak for their Dosa but I love the way they serve Vindaloo.

          1. A few years back I went to a party catered by Kushboo (Lexington). Vegetarian menu; made-to-order naan from a portable tandoor was a big hit. Food was predictable, perfectly fine and suited a varied crowd.