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Jul 23, 2011 08:37 AM

Touring the Great Lakes- foodie suggestions

hell all,

We will be traveling around Northern Michigan, the UP and Door County in mid- September and are looking for suggestions on local fare, grocers, farm visits, etc. This is our forst trip to this area and we want to be sure we do not miss anything that makes these areas special. Thanks!

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  1. Lake Superior Whitefish is a signature entree in northern Lower Michigan and the U.P. Many, many restaurants feature this delight. You won't go wrong sampling this dish or trying a Whitefish pate app.

      1. Here are some other ideas from a long-time resident:

        Marquette has what is probably the largest farmer's market in the U.P. on Saturday mornings, at the Downtown Commons. Okay, so it's still a small town farmer's market on the shores of Lake Superior, but it's still a farmer's market, and its been heartening to see the development of a community that cares about locally sourced food.

        In addition to the frequently mentioned pasties and cudighi, another local food associated with the central U.P. is Finnish Rye Bread. I don't care for the stuff myself, but it's definitely got a following. The best known supplier here is the Trenary Bakery (with their legendary Trenary Toast) - in the village of Trenary, about 30 miles south of Marquette on US 41.

        No culinary tour of the U.P. is complete without a sampling of Thimbleberry Jam from the Jampot, in Eagle Harbor north of Houghton. (It's on M-26 in the Keweenaw Peninsula.) The Byzantine Catholic brothers of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery are local legends.

        1. When you're in Marquette, be sure to stop at Thill's and get some whitefish - raw, smoked, spread, etc. It's right downtown on Lake Michigan in a little tin building right on the docks. Can't get any fresher.

          Also in Marquette, check out The Vierling. I can't remember what I ordered, but I remember thinking I'd go back.

          The Dogpatch in Munising is great bar food if your travels take you that way.

          Dogpatch Restaurant
          E Superior, Munising, MI 49862