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Jul 23, 2011 08:31 AM

avocado plant

I have an avocado plant, started from a pit, which is now about 3 feet high. I'm thinking about putting it outside for the summer, but I live in MIchigan which is not exactly known for it's avocados! Any advice?

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  1. sorry, don't know anything about Michigan but you obviously did a good job of starting it from the seed; i suck at that. I can tell you this- avocado trees take forever to produce when you plant them from seed (up to like 20 years) in FL. You have to be an extremely patient person. Many homes in sofla have established trees so my tree came with the house. I don't think I would plant an avocado from seed. My youngest mango tree I bought 5 yrs ago established (cost me like $150) and the mangos are not really good yet...

    1. I grew an avocado from seed to nearly 8' in the mountains of NM. Sure, let it out side as long as you don't get a frost.

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        awesome! how long did that take approximately?

        1. re: crowmuncher

          It was the seventies, 5 years? I left to work in Europe and gave the plant, named "Arthur" (from Mad magazine) to my brother.

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          8' is amazing! I'm wondering if I should put it in a larger pot before I put it outside

          1. re: ronojo

            Yes, and in NM, we had a very sunny atrium w/ high ceilings. In Bolivia, we had a huge avocado tree, we gave away bushels of avocados.