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Jul 23, 2011 05:32 AM

Prophecy in White Plains, any info?

hey everyone, I did a search but nothing turned up. Is Prophecy new? Has anyone been? Groupon has a great deal $25 for $50 worth of food plus an additional dessert Sampler i'm thinking about hopping on this and taking the girl out for a nice dinner. Any insight?

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  1. - Prophecy White Plains Lounge and ...

    1. I did not have dinner there so cannot comment on the food, but I attended a charity event there and the space is beautiful--and very romantic.

      1. The place is much better known for hosting parties and events than people actually dining there.

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        1. re: PlasticMoonRain

          yes, i was going to say that. It is a haven for bar/bat-mitzvahs and sweet 16's. Nothing wrong w/that, just probably not where I'd choose to have dinner. Maybe they are trying to change their image?

          1. re: MRS

            We did buy this Groupon and went to dinner this Wednesday night. I have to laugh when I think that we actually called and asked if we needed a reservation. We were totally the only patrons there for the first hour. We left at around 8 and there was only one other couple. If I had been wowed by the experience I'd call it an off night but I can't see this place lasting too much longer.If it does it might be only an event venue but not a dining place.
            I asked about the soup of the day, "We don't have soup today". I ordered the mixed berry salad, it came with zero berries and some sliced almonds on top. I told the waiter and he said he'd check with the kitchen. He never told me what they said but I can guess. My husband ordered the lamb chops with chimichurri sauce. No sauce. The garlic mashed potatoes had no garlic.
            The romantic feel that I read about probably translates to the dim lights and the faux Medieval decor. The lighting just barely erased the stains on the carpet near our table.
            Sorry, but my prophecy is that there will be another restaurant casualty in White Plains.