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Jul 23, 2011 05:06 AM

Where to buy Bento supplies in Brampton/Mississauga area?

I can also travel to outer TO. I want to start making Bento lunches for my daughter, come September, so Im looking to stock up on supplies. :)

Any help is apperciated!

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  1. Do you mean ingredients or the boxes/tools? Mika's Japanese Gifts, PAT Oriental, Seyko (though not sure if its still there) in Sauga.. There are probably some supplies at the Chinese supermarkets like Btrust, T&T, Oceans, and Yuan Ming.

    1. Seikyo folded years ago. Try Mika's--the only source for Japanese tableware in Mississauga. Nice assortment. PAT on Dundas is probably the best for food ingredients followed by T&T; Btrust and Yuan Ming don't carry that much Japanese food.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Does Mika's still exist? They had a going out of business sale years ago.

        1. re: tjr

          Yup. Still afloat. Guess you never checked it out?

          1. re: Kagemusha

            I've been quite a few times prior to their "closing" sale (and purchased a bunch of stuff), but I moved out of the country and haven't been back since I returned. I'm glad they didn't go under!

      2. I went around the city looking for bento supplies a couple of years ago. Couldn't find much. And prices are also a bit higher than what I can find online. So I ended up buying a lot of supplies from J-List -

        I also bought various things from reuseit -

        The cheaper prices offset the shipping and I wasn't charged any duty by customs.

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        1. re: cecilia

          "I wasn't charged any duty by customs."

          Hmmm. No GST on the total value? Brokerage fees?

          1. re: Kagemusha

            No. The parcels were mailed through USPS and the regular Japan mail, rather than FedEx/UPS. In those cases, the package goes through Canada Post. If the value is small, and also depending on the type of products, you probably won't get charged anything.

            If anything gets shipped through UPS/FedEx, then UPS/FedEx would always charge brokerage and tax.

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              J-List is no deal, particularly on licensed stuff and prices are higher than here--sorry. What about J-town and Spadina? Canada Post charges a flat $5 and often dings you for tax on the value. Think the OP can do better locally for run-of-the-mill bento.Plain vanilla UPS/FedEx always gets hit; only their premium services skirt extra fees but the extra costs make USPS/Canada Post services something of a bargain. You're paying more for J-List stuff in $ than yen in many cases. It's otaku bait.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                I order off, etc. all the time and never get dinged for duties. It depends on who's shipping it.

        2. I bought a number of them off of eBay recently. Super cute stuff including egg molds in the shape of bear and bunny heads and food picks. The shipping was combined so very reasonable and I received it quickly. A lot of my friends bought their's via eBay as well.

          1. There are a nice selection of cheap and cheerful bento boxes plus matching accessories at the houseware section in J-Town. I recently bought a whole set including 2-tier boxes + cutlery + elastic band for $13.

            There are also lots of little cutters, onigiri molds, mini sauce bottles, sausage cutters, disposable dividers, etc.

            J-Town is locate at Steeles & Woodbine.