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Jul 23, 2011 02:05 AM

Beef Tenderloin: a little underdone. How do I correct?

Cooked a 5 lb beef tenderloin and it turned out very nice. The thickest part is a bit too rare for the S.O., so what is the best way to get it a little more done? I would still like it a bit pink, if possible. I will be serving this as part of a buffet for guest as a room temperature entree .

So, I should...

(1) Remove from fridge and allow beef tenderloin come to room temperature.

(2) Tent with aluminum foil and cook ONLY THE UNDERDONE PORTION at what TEMP to bring internal temp to 130ยบ?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. My opinions- you're in trouble. To cook the thickest part more you'll have to cut it away from the correctly cooked part- not a terrible thing- but the presentation will suffer a bit I suppose.

    But even with that... twice cooked meat- especially a lean cut like tenderloin is a practice that leads to tough meat and poor flavor. The juices and proteins were already changed by the original cooking so re-heating it is just awful. I would ask your S.O. to get over it- rare tenderloin is wonderful.

    1. Don't different guests like it done to different temperatures? So serve the ones who like it rare out of the rare part, and give the SO an end piece. Voila.

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        I agree. I've never met a steak that was too rare for me :)

      2. Scientifically impossible for beef to ever be too undercooked.....

        That;s just how things are...