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Jul 23, 2011 12:13 AM

suggestions on how to make Kogi taco at home?

I have a friend coming over for dinner next week and he is begging me to try to replicate a Kogi taco.
I've read about all over the place - but I've never personally tasted one myself. Can any of you home cooks who've actually tasted try to help me break it down?

For example, is the meat a kalbi? or a bulgogi?

Is anything done to the kimchi? (meaning, is it cooked, sauteed? straight out of the jar?)

Is there a raw cabbage slaw with it?

ANY and ALL suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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      1. re: becks1

        after reading all the links, I used the gotham gal recipe and did an early test - I wanted you to know my dinner guests said that I had outdone myself! HAH! So bravo to gotham gal and thanks to you for sending the recipes along!

          1. re: becks1

            I will have to try this. Never had them before. Where did you hear of it originally?