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Jul 22, 2011 11:04 PM

best hamburger/hot dog bun recipe?

Chowhounds, once again, I want to make something that seems simple...but all the recipes I've researched vary so wildly, I don't know which one to make! I want to make a simple, fluffly delicious bun that children will like. And the only reason I want to make it myself is because ALL the store bought ones have corn syrup in them!

I would SO appreciate any suggestions for a fool proof recipe - thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. This is a simple one. It's a little firmer than the grocery store ones but I like it better because of it.

    If you want one that's lighter, potato can do that. I like this mashed potato roll recipe:

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      I have made the kingarthur recipe twice and it comes out hard, had to throw it away. I have been making my bread for 30 years so it's not because I don't know how.
      Now the recipe with potato sound promising. I would love to make my own hamb and hot dog buns because what we get from the store is full of chemical and I can't stand the smell when I open the bag. I will try that recipe.

      1. re: TDEL

        Oh, I should have said I don't follow the instructions on the KA rolls. I knead it until it passes the window pane test and I let it rise longer, in the refrigerator. It is a firmer bun but I don't think it's hard. I also watch it carefully and take the internal temp, not relying only on the time. But, that's what I do w/ all breads. I prefer home made buns, too. They hold up better to the burger and hot dots w/out getting an odd gummy mushiness in texture.