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Jul 22, 2011 09:56 PM

Recs for student visiting Camden Town?

Hi everybody! I'm going to be visiting Camden Town. Any recommendations for cheap, healthy dining?

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  1. Yum Cha on Chalk Farm Road for very good dim sum indeed.

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    1. re: helen b

      indeed - but go on monday, tuesday or wed for half price dimsum.

      also the Pho at the vietnamese place in Parkway is decent. a few doors from Wholefoods.

    2. There's a very good insanely cheap Somali hole in the wall over there. Search ShekhaV's posts.

      I second the Yum Cha rec.

      I only really know ethnic restaurants so Camden's a bit of a blank for me (despite spending a lot of time there.) Saying that, it is a little bit of a good food ghost town at times. I think Limster wrote a post on a place that he really liked in Camden. I'd check his stuff too. Otherwise you're a very easy tube ride to some interesting stuff in Kentish Town, along Caledonian Rd and further afield on Green Lanes (not the easiest trip of the three and you'll have to transfer tubes and a bus, but that journey basically takes you to a heavily Kurdish neighborhood in Istanbul.)

      Depends on your willingness to travel a bit and the length of your stay I guess.

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      1. re: JFores

        How long are you there for? And how cheap is cheap? Depending on the answers, there's a great, family run Spanish restaurant on Eversholt St called El Parador. It's a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride from Camden Town - just past Mornington Crescent Tube. At lunch time they do 3 for 2 on tapas.

      2. Bento Ramen at 29 Parkway does a good (and very filling) ramen for less than £10. My favourite is the seafood ramen with roasted pork.

        1. Market on Parkway does a great 2-course set lunch for £10, just up the road from the Vietnamese place (which is good too! but it's a little small). You should also try Asakusa just behind Mornington Crescent tube station on Eversholt Street - it's always busy so you'll need to call about a week ahead to reserve a table, but the scallop sashimi is only £4 and they even give you the roe. Their grilled chicken hearts are also amazing and only £1.90 or thereabouts. It's only open for dinner from Mon-Sat, though.