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Jul 22, 2011 08:49 PM

Fresh Pond Seafood Clams

Has anyone tried the fried clams, or other fried fish entrees at the newly reopened Fresh Pond Seafood in Arlington?

I have to admit, I stopped in opening day, and found the fresh fish prices too rich for my blood. They did have some absolutely gorgeous, scrumptious, looking fresh fish. I wanted to eat that sea bass raw, but $22 a pound? Too much for a family of five. I was kind of scared off and haven't been back since.

Their clam plate seems competitive in price to Clam Box. Is it good?

Clam Box
789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170

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  1. Tried Fresh pond for lunch saturday and was pleased. For $12.99 I had the fried clams which were very good with OK french fries and excellent fish chowder. The clams were freshly battered (while I watched) and the fry job was perfect. The chowder put this over the top for quality and value mind mind the time and gas savings of not driving to Cape Ann. Great to have this place back and the new digs are quite comfortable (unlike the old digs). Also RE fish prices, in the freezer section, a 3 lb bag of frozen haddock was $6.99, which was a steal. I used half for a Keralan Coconut Fish curry and the fish was very fresh given the bargain price.

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      1. The Sea Bass prices are in line with other fish markets. How about cod and salmon?

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          The prices are high there. The thick "hotel" cod is about $18 a lb., regular cod maybe a couple of dollars cheaper. But, the quality of the fish is very good and it is very convenient for me, so I bite the bullet and pay. I look at it as cheaper than going out to eat. Not really looking for bargains in fish.

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            Yikes! $18/lb for cod is pretty high. Why the higher price for the "hotel" thick cod? I assume it comes from larger fish, thus thicker? Why should the price be higher for that (unless larger - - i.e. older - - fish are rare these days?)?

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              Speaking of high prices, New Deal was charging $29 for halibut filets the other day! While I was there they balked at cutting a piece of $24 tuna (which didn't look great) for a customer who wanted 1lb. Carl wasn't there, but yikes, that is Whole Foods type service crap.