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Jul 22, 2011 08:40 PM

Best Place for a Picnic on Foxen Canyon Wine Trail?

We (four of us) plan on doing the Foxen Canyon Road Wineries on a Monday in just two weeks. We are starting from Venice Beach and will end up in Morro Bay.

I don't really know what to expect but think I would like to hit
Zeca Mesa
Rancho Sisquoc
Kenneth Volt

Please recommend
Coffee/Tea stop for mid morning rest stop:
Lite Lunch (thinking La Super Rico in Santa Barbara):
Foodie store for delicious picnic supplies (cheese, bread, charcuterie, fruit, etc):
Evening meal close to Morro Bay:

Is there anything I am missing?
Is there a photo op that I should know about?

Really excited about this first time in your beautiful state.
Sharon from Houston, TX

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  1. The weather should be darn near perfect- and I bet it will be foggy till you hit the Santa Ynez Valley- and it will be cold in Morro Bay!

    Foxen Canyon end to end, without stopping is 40 minutes- if you start at no later than 1 pm- you might make it to 3- and what is the point in doing it if you are in a hurry. If it were me and my friends, we would stop at Zaca Mesa first, follwed by Foxen (they have 2 rooms- one up town, one low down) and ending with either Rancho Sisquoc (farm land and quiant) or Cambria (huge awesome and very impressive to see...). Niether Beckman or Kenneth Volk are on Foxen, unless Volk is at the old Byron location- and he very well may be...

    Stock up on water and snacks in SB on Milpas at Trader Joes - then hit La Superica and be off. Or wait till you are in the SYV and hit up Los Olivos Grocery- you will be driving right by it. Be on Foxen Canyon well before 12 noon, if at all possible. Once you make it to the Santa Maria/Hwy 101, you can expect a 30 minute drive to Morro Bay- breakfast at Bayside Cafe would make Morro Bay perfect for me.

    Have a great visit Sharon from Houston!

    Bayside Cafe
    10 State Park Rd, Morro Bay, CA 93442

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    1. re: OldJalamaMama

      Great info, I am so excited. I think I like the idea of Los Olivos Grocery better than Trader Joes (although I have never been to either) but I might get lost in Trader Joes. The map I have shows Kenneth Volk off of Tepusquet Road, it looked doable.

      Thanks I like your suggestions. We'll be in Morro Bay for two nights, any other suggestions for that area? We're staying at Anderson Inn, don't know if anyone's familiar with it.

      Again thanks OldJalamaMama

      1. re: selletson

        Los Olivos Grocery has it ALL- sandwiches- great cheeses, salami- olives- beverages galore- anyting you need, you will find here. It is quite visible from the hiway- but know after you pass ROBLAR RD on the hiway, it will be just about a mile further on the left.

        Kenneth Volk- sounds like it is in the old Byron winery- so it is past Rancho Sisquoc by about 4 miles- anyone in the tasting rooms can get you there, no problem. The drive out to 101 from there will be gorgeous in the late afternoon! Be sure to have yourself familiarized with how to get back to 101- though not terribly confusing- it is a agricultural area (broccoli, greens, onions and cabbage) and the road signs are designed to be seen byu folks in tractors- resist the temptation to pass farming impliments- and you'll be to the 101 in 10-15 minutes- ENJOY THE VIEW!

        Morro Bay is awesome- from simple and easy Taco de Mexico to Taco Temple, Flying Dutchmen to Giovannis- its all laid back and delicious. Its a tourist spot, but its a small town and full of kids and families. I will cross my fingers the sun will be out for you- continue up the Hwy 1 and you'll hit Cayoucos, elephant seals, Cambria, Harmony and Hearst just keeps getting more gorgeous! Taking 41 or 46 back to the 101 is a great way to go.

        Please report your positives and even your negatives- and again, have a safe drive!

        Taco Temple
        2680 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 93442