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Jul 22, 2011 08:01 PM

German roast pork & potato dumplings

A recent trip to Munich got me wondering how do they make their roast pork so tender, & delicious... with of course the perfectly cooked crackling. I am interested in tips for cooking something like the picture attached (either a roasted slice or pork knuckle)

and the potato dumplings and gravy were scrumptious as a side dish....
How do they do it!?

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  1. I won't comment too much on the pork as I've never been to Germany.. but I would imagine that they grow a fattier hog than we yanks do and therefore get jucier meat. When I do pork loin roasts (pretty lean) I brine them to bring up the juice and flavor but that doesn't make it as good as a well-marbled piece of meat. Better to use shoulder/butt roasts or even sirloin roasts.

    For the Kartoffelkloesse (yes I had to look up the spelling) I've made these many times and they turn our wonderfully. Not sure what recipe I used but they are very similar to these:

    Note that you brown the bread first to get that deeper flavor.