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Jul 22, 2011 08:00 PM

Michelle Bernstein's Palm Beach: Amateur Hour

After having a pretty good meal at Michy's last year and reading some very positive reviews of MB on Chow, we were anxious to try Michelle Bernstein at the Omphony during our quick trip to Palm Beach. YIKES. It was awful on all accounts. The atmosphere was soulless, like a SoBe wannabe knockoff (and there was no bathroom on the restaurant level). The service was a joke. Bread service via an awkward busboy occurred within seconds of our sitting down. Our waiter was pushy and kept cracking dumb jokes. Totally unprofessional for a place trying to be high end. Worst of all, the food. A short rib entree was nearly inedible - dry, tasteless and tough. Equally dry was the polenta it sat on. The fried chicken was fine but was served with a biscuit so hard and stale, it could've been used as a hockey puck. The dressing on our butter lettuce salad was watery and bland and tasted nothing like jalapeƱo as advertised. After our so-so apps and awful entrees, we had no interest in dessert. While my husband was in the bathroom, I asked our waiter for the check. He came back about 15 minutes later not with our check but to ask my husband if HE wanted dessert! As if I would've asked for the check without first ensuring we were both ready for it. From there, it then took our waiter another good 10 minutes to bring the check. Total disaster, especially considering the price ($34 for that mess of a short rib dish!)

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  1. I went about three months ago, the view overlooking the ocean is terrific. Wife and I thought the food was good but not great. Among other things we got the much-heralded fried chicken. I know many love this but I was underwhelmed. It seemed completely underseasoned to me. Seemed as if they took some chix and dipped in flour and that's about it. Some many remark about this, I'd be tempted to give it another shot - I think it's available on bar/lounge menu downstairs for about $10 less. But I'll probably head to Lauderdale and try out Betty's Soul Food chix before I go back here.

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      I had the same experience as mla19 at the Omphoy.

      Betty's is awesome, I actually prefer her BBQ or pork chops over the chicken.

    2. Just read your review of Bernstein's at the Omphoy-you are correct on all points. In addition, the downstairs bar (on 2 occasions) had clueless girls (jabbering in Spanish), who were supposed to be tending bar-the Worst drinks ever-they even served a martini that was barely chilled.
      The service in the dining room was absolutely horrendous-the waiter was beyond obnoxious-and they don't even have a sommelier (or anybody with any rudimentary knowledge) to help with selections (they argued that they did not have the "White" wine that I chose off the menu, as I tried to inform them, it is a "Red" wine).
      This place is one of the worst restaurants on all counts, add in the prices and it is probably in the top running for The Worst.

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        Ours was a mixed experience at MB but we fared better than the original poster.

        We had the sommelier pair all three courses and we thought he did a terrible job. Waiter was somewhat awkward as well. However, I thought the atmosphere was quite nice and the John Dory was terrific. We had a cobia entree as well that was above average and served with gnudi. Starters and dessert were above average as well.