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Jul 22, 2011 07:15 PM

Kuhn-Rikon Double Peeler - Actually Peels Tomatoes

I can't believe it! But one of the blades on this peeler will peel "smooth and fuzzy fruits,"

The picture shows the peeler open. It closes up to use which ever blade you want.

I almost always peel my tomatoes, and it is a PITA. If I am to use tomatoes in something that doesn't matter whether I've put them in boiling water in order to peel them more easily, I will do that. But, this is a snap!

I don't see it at Amazon.

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  1. I have the K-R serrated (single) peeler that's been around for a while. Peels peaches, too.

      1. re: Charles Robinson

        I didn't find the link. Nice of you to add it.

        When I found the green one, the only one there was in a TJMax store, I bought it. I was happy in that my last two peelers were missing. They were red. I don't know how many 'red' peelers I've had. Maybe this green one will be good luck.

        1. re: Rella

          Does anyone know of a K-R outlet in Toronto that sells the peeler?