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Jul 22, 2011 05:06 PM

50th birthday cake

My sister-in-law is turning 50 and I would like to buy a special cake for her. If you lived in Richmond Hill, where would you go for the best cake? She likes tart desserts and dark chocolate also, so if anyone has a favourite either in RH or within a 30 minute drive, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. May I ask what kind of cake you would prefer? Are yu looking for a traditional birthday cake? We recently got a great cake from Amadeus up there, but it was not a straightforward cake and frosting deal. Absolutely delicious hazelnut buttercream, pralined hazelnuts, and chocolate layers. I recently posted about Noisette, a bakery north of Toronto, a well, as we were considering one of their cakes. You may want to search the boards fr these two. I would provide links, but not so easy from my phone. Sorry!

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      Ooohh, that cake you describes sounds absolutely delicious! In fact it sounds like something my husband would really love! I am open to anything, but my sister-in-law does favour tart desserts such as lemon or berry flavours and also very dark chocolate. I was considering Amadeus because the cakes look beautiful but was not sure of the quality, not having tasted any of their cakes before. Unfortunately I have been suckered in too many times by gorgeous looking cakes made of cheap ingredients. So you would say then, Full tummy, that Amadeus is a bakery that uses real butter and cream for their cakes and pastries?

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        Absolutely! In my family, real butter and cream rule. My mom, who is originally from Germany, and a buttercream enthusiast, absolutely loved the cake. It reminded her of home, for sure. I don't think we'll be going anywhere else for that style of cake!!

          1. re: Chocolatemama

            Let me know what you get, and what you think!!