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Jul 22, 2011 04:47 PM

Girly Sunday Brunch recommendation (girl wkend dining)

Since we may be eating lunch at la duni on Saturday at North PArk....I need a new brunch plan for Sunday. Any recommendations?? We will be in the PArk Cities. Thanks.

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    1. Toulouse. Famous for their brunch. Has everything you requested. Excellent French inspired food and lovely patio for people watching. Adjacent to the Park Cities on Knox between Travis and Abbott Streets.

      1. Marquee serves brunch ... I haven't had it yet, but I'm thinking it couldn't be bad. I wouldn't call Marquee girly, but appealing to women was part of its business plan. They don't look askance if you eat in a 'girly' way ... splitting something, or ordering more than one appetizer.

        1. +1 for Toulouse. Nosh is another great French bistro-style choice. Breadwinners on McKinney Avenue is probably the most popular brunch spot in the city, but be prepared to wait quite a while. I've had the brunch at Marquee. It's not bad, but I much prefer Marquee in the evening when the bar is going. If you want really girly, you may want to try Rise no 1 at Lemmon and Inwood--all souffles and all girls.