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Jul 22, 2011 04:41 PM

Ideas for seafood cookout

Hubby has requested a seafood cookout for his BD tomorrow. He and a neighbor are going to downtown Washington DC seafood market to get ingredients(male bonding moment,apparently). My rules:
Scallops-dry or diver
Salmon-wild only
Crabs-Chesapeake bay or gulf
For shrimp, I usually do a type of teriyaki marinade and serve w/ Yum Yum sauce(like the one served at Japanese steakhouses).
Crab will be steamed live
Scallops-need ideas
I would appreciate any ideas for grilling these seafoods. No seviche recipes, please.

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  1. This may have seemed a bit scattered-100 degree temps will do this. The food choices will depend upon what is available at the market. Just trying to prepare in advance for what might be brought home.

    1. sherriberry-
      Out here in so cal, esp w/my family seafood is always a top choice. We BBQ all the time and LOVE all the above grilled. We'll skewer the shrimp w/ fruit and or veges. Scallops, straight up on a grill w/a little EVOO. nothing else. The same w/fish and the lobsters/crabs. If you don't have a grill, well. How about a seafood Paella? Or, a lovely risotto, top grill (stove) the seafood w/ madera/ white wine or Marsala then top the risotto and add shaved parm, asiago or your fav italian cheese. I'm not one to mask the natural flavors of seafood but, they must be really fresh. A bit o'butter,lemon, EVOO , fresh herbs...IE: the salmon...wrap w/ fresh lemon slices, herbs, a little butter in parchment and bake. Happy B-day to the boy and have FUN.

      1. It is indeed very hot in DC right now. From the market down on Maine Ave....I do know that here in AA county the crabs are coming in nice...whether or not those vendor are using Bay crabs I have no idea...there will be someone there with rockfish. Salmon, i doubt. (and if they do, not sure I'd believe it's wild) Not sure on scallops, but if they do have them they are great on the grill....skewer a few, dip in VOO and sear real personally, we have cancelled any grilling plans this damn hot to sit outside and pick crabs.

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          I appreciate the responses. We are postponing the cookout because of the heat and will reschedule when we can better enjoy the outdoors. When we do, though, I think I will just keep it simple. I have a tendency to go "over the top" sometimes less is more. I'd still like to hear any new ideas, though. Sometimes you fall into a rut making things the same way over and over. With salmon, my "go to" is usually a brown sugar and bourbon marinade, bake in oven and right before it's done, turn on the broiler to create a crust. Scallops are usually pan seared then served w/ a sauce made by deglazing pan w/ either butter and cream or white wine and lemon, then adding back in any juices that came out of the scallops while they were resting. For tonight, we'll try to find a resto not overrun w/ tourists here for the civil war reenactment.

        2. I'm thinking a big pot. A few rocks and steam

          1. I tend to go very basic with my proteins. Generally, there's little more than salt and pepper on them. Make sure you oil the grill grate, because fish will stick pretty quickly. Scallops will sear up quite nicely on a grill, as-is. Shrimp cooked in-shell are always tastier (don't go with easy-peel). Salmon is very nice when grilled on a cedar plank; again, only salt and pepper needed. Finally, have you considered roasting shellfish on the grill? Oysters, clams, and mussels all roast pretty nicely. Or you could always just do a big seafood boil, toss everything in a pot and dump it out on a table covered in newspaper.

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              we had a seafood boil last was so good!