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Jul 22, 2011 03:55 PM

[Didsbury, Manchester] Fosters Chippy

This fairly new addition to Didsbury village is “the business”. It’s everything you hope a chippy is going to be – but rarely is (even here in the north).

Mrs H went with the lunch special at £5.50 – small cod, chips, peas, soft drink – while I went with a standard haddock & chips at £7.25, plus peas, bread, drink as extras.

Both fish were excellent (and their definition of “small” for Mrs H’s cod was not my definition of “small”). Crisp batter – I swear the noise of breaking it open could be heard in Withington. Lovely flaking fish. Chips – cooked through to a good colour with just a hint of wobble and no hint of greasiness. Peas – mushy yet with texture – and loads of taste. Bread – soft white sliced – perfect for the chip butty.

If I was to have a criticism, it’s that they fry in oil not dripping. No doubt that’s good business for them as they can sell chips to the rampant hordes of vegetarian social workers who live in the area.

Other than that – just brilliant.

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  1. Went slumming it in "Footballers Wives" country this lunch time to Foster's original place in Alderley Edge.

    Pretty much the same order as the OP. Pretty much the same quality. Prcies up a bit - "standard" is now eight quid (that may be Alderley pricing with Didsbury still lower, of course). Seating is marginally better - in that they are not booths sized for stick insects. But then stick insects probably don't eat lunch at Fosters.