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Jul 22, 2011 03:31 PM

Got dinner at Stellla's as a birthday gift- What do I need to know

My two wonderful kids surprised me for my birthday with dinner at Stella's next month. What do I need to know for a first time visit.

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  1. Hockey, I suggest you put that money toward the tasting menu for you and your wife/SO. You'll be dazzled by 7 courses and various kitchen "thank you" treats, such that you'll have the full range of Scott's talent without having to choose from myriad great options, and without being so full as to be miserable. It's pricey but worth it, vis-a-vis food, service, setting, wine list, etc. Enjoy and report back!

    1. Lucky you! I did not get to have the tasting menu, as sanglier suggests, but that sounds like a wonderful idea. Just go hungry. I went for my birthday and we received some treats from the kitchen. There were four of us and we all tasted off each others plates. There was not one thing I did not like.