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Jul 22, 2011 03:29 PM

Experimental food in Portland

Hello all,

As we are all foodies here, I just wanted to throw out a question.

Does molecular gastronomy exist in Portland? Portland has great food otherwise, but I'm very curious about experiencing food in an experimental context.

Any suggestions within Portland, or the PNW at large? Are we SOL?


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  1. Castagna is the closest thing we've got, but frankly, I'm kind of glad that there is so much delicious, honest, well-prepared food that isn't disguised as something else. Just my own personal opinion, of course.

    1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

    1. Aviary is also incorporating some of the techniques of that realm into their dishes with decent results. I ate at both Aviary and Castagna in June, and would categorize Aviary as the more accessible of the two.

      I figure if you take the combined population and wealth of NYC and Chicago, and the half-dozen major experimental/molecular gastronomical restaurants in those cities, and scale that ratio down to Portland, I figure we can support about one-seventeenth of a restaurant in that category. In other words, Aviary and Castagna. :)

      BTW, I have no idea what's going in that realm in Seattle...

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        I agree with you re: Aviary - I love that place! Unfortunately, their place was damaged by errant fireworks on Fourth of July. However, the food community has rallied together and there are various fundraising efforts to help Aviary "rise" like the phoenix. I went to a fantastic benefit dinner at Firehouse last night...Plate & Pitchfork also hosted something, I believe. Ping is lending their space on Monday nights to the Aviary chefs...for more info, contact Aviary: