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Jul 22, 2011 01:51 PM

Quebec City in a DAY


I'm a pretty big foodie and will be in Quebec city VERY shortly - just a night. Will have time for one of each meal. I can't afford to spend more than about $15 on a meal (excluding alcohol) and I will be myself so the more casual, the better.

So the challenge is: what should I eat?? Looking for costs between $5-$15 for quick but delicious and quality food. Local favs appreciated - poutine, onion soup. Or just a place to buy some cheese and bread and hang out in a park would be cool! I pretty much like everything but Quebec specialties best for this trip.

Will appreciate all the suggestions I can get.

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  1. poutine: Ashton is a good choice

    St-Hubert is a good chicken rotisserie for your price range and everywhere in quebec

    Cheese: You can find it everywhere, Halle de Ste-Foy and Marché du vieux port have specialize cheesemonger but pricier too.

    Café du monde, Cochon dingue is fine and in your price range, SSS in vieux port too.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: Psychofoodie

      > St-Hubert is a good chicken rotisserie for your price range and everywhere in quebec

      Sorry, but although I don't have a better recommendation as I'm not that familiar with Quebec City, I'd have to disagree on St-Hubert. It's mediocre chicken and sub-par fries. If you only have a day there I'm sure you can do much better than this chain rotisserie.

      1. re: kpzoo

        Hard to find better in this price range, it's not a foodie place that's for sure, but a crowd pleasure for people on low budget

        1. re: Psychofoodie

          yeah, and i live in montreal. so i probably won't do st. hubert, but your other suggestions sound great!

      2. re: Psychofoodie

        Just came back from Quebec and can assure you that nor café du Monde or Cochon Dingue or really not SSS in your price range.
        Buffet de l'Antiquaire,
        Chez Temporel
        and Farmer's Market