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Jul 22, 2011 01:24 PM

Each click opens new tab now. New behavior

Clicking on posts or board names used to open the topic or board in the current tab.

New in the last few days, a new tab is being opened for the topic or what used to be a simple board refresh.

Oddly enough, this seems to happen if I "Pin" the Chowhound site to the left side of my tabs. If the site is not "Pinned", this does not seem to be an issue. I didn't change any browser options (Firefox 5.0) and this isn't an issue on other websites I visit that I have "Pinned" and worked fine just days ago.

Have you guys changed how the links are being coded? If so, what was the reasoning behind it and can you consider going back to how it was?

Or is it some FF Pinning thing?


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  1. Interesting... I don't know too much about how Firefox deals with pinning, but it looks like this may have something to do with domain matching. Firefox recognizes that the current site is on "", but the links use "" instead. I imagine that Firefox assumes you're heading to a different site and opens it in a new tab for you.

    Whether this is a bug in Firefox or the intended behavior of their feature is up for debate. It is, however, a bit odd that we're using that base URL on Chowhound. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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    1. re: Engineering

      Is the differences in the "" vs. "" in the links recent?

      I just booted up an old computer (where I'm posting from) which has Firefox 4 on it where the pinned tab for Chow used to work fine (links didn't open a new tab) and it is exhibiting the same behavior (new tabs from clicks if Pinned. no new tabs from clicks if non-Pinned) so it does not look like something to do with the Firefox 5 upgrade on my other computers.

      I'll probably contact Firefox. Seems the behavior should be consistent whether Pinned or not.

      1. re: drewskiSF

        The difference is a recent side-effect of our ongoing infrastructure upgrades, and results in the occasional oddity (such as what you've seen when using pinned tabs). We are looking into it.