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Jul 22, 2011 12:47 PM

New (to me) Blue Runner offerings

Saw that Blue Runner has put out canned "Etouffee Base", "Bisque Base' and "Gumbo Base". Just add seafood. Anyone used these...even as an experiment?

I have a great respect form Blue Runner beans and field peas. THis stuff might be worth giving a whirl. (ALthough etouffee i so easy as is that it doesn't seem necessary to "save time." But maybe the product is worth having in the cupboard.)

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  1. We once loaded our suitcases up with so many cans of Blue Runner beans that we blew out the weight limit and had to spend an extra hundred bucks to check our bags! We were on such a high from just having had our wedding n NOLA that we didn't care but next time we'll probably just shipping and order them online!

    1. Well, I went ahead and bought the etouffee and the bisque bases...have not tried them yet but I note the ingredients are almost identical except that the etoufee list includes "heavy cream". Hmm. Well, I probably won't get around to using this stuff anytime in the next week or so but will try to give an opinion when I do.