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Jul 22, 2011 12:26 PM

Good online food shops in germany?

A friend has just moved to Germany, and it's her birthday soon. Normally when she's in the States, I get an American-based online food shop to send her something delicious, like chocolates or wonderful dried fruit, or kilos of trailmix, on her special day.

But I know nothing about online food shops in Germany. Any suggestions would be appreciated, both specific websites/shops, and food items which are delicious. Thanks!

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  1. Since nobody else has jumped good is your German? Dallmayr is sort of like the Austro-Hungarian Fortnum & Mason, based in Munich. They have an online store I've ordered gifts from a few times. Good quality and reliable.

    Another one to check out (also based in Munich) is Feinkost Käfer:

    I haven't ordered from them online but do occasionally shop in their store.

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      Hi Behemoth, thanks for jumping in. I don't speak German, but I can understand most of it written, thanks to Afrikaans. I'll give those websites a try.