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Jul 22, 2011 11:35 AM

What are you making when it is too hot to cook?

Hi - is currently 101* with a heat index of 115*. If I turn on my stove I will die. In the mean time I do still need to eat and CSA veggies are piling up. Two nights ago I braved the heat and cooked a big pot of pasta and then threw lots of veggies in the pasta water to cook. I put it all together with a mustard vinegrette and made a salad which I have been eating since. This caused me to wonder how other people are dealing with the heat. Care to share?

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      I will - I just saw it a moment ago. Thanks for the heads up!

        1. Pesto with my 3' high 3' around basil plant out back that refuses to quit growing (LOL) and fresh picked tomatoes.

          Really lazy = toasted crusty sliced french bread with pesto as a spread and sliced tomatoes with salt as a side.
          Semi-Lazy= Lavash flatbread as pizza crust brushed with crushed garlic and olive oil topped with mozz. cheese, provalone cheese, basil , sliced tomatoes and feta and then thrown in the toaster oven.
          Semi-motivated= Basil pesto on pasta and a side of sliced tomatoes with chopped basil and basalmic vinegar.

          For lunches I do easy and lazy but still healthy. Dinners-I like to be creative and do SOP stuff.

          1. Hot here in Boston. Not 115, but 103.

            Last night I grilled our entire meal- green beans in soy sauce/ sesame oil/ lemon zest, sliced new potatoes & spanish green onions (thank goodness I did not give away that pan for the grill!), rib eye steak. Ok, so the salad wasn't grilled. Dang it tasted good, our kitchen & house didn't heat up further & my kitchen was easy to clean up!

            Tonight, we grilled pizza for the 1st time. I was out of pizza sauce, so I had to make some using the stove. Epic mess inside & outside of the house and my downstairs went from 85 to 88 degrees. At least it tasted great :)

            Tomorrow will be dinner out.

            1. I like to make cool salads that have a crunch and mix in some fruit for sweetness.


              Kohlrabi Salad with Radishes and Apples

              (Serves 4


              1 head kohlrabi, cut into matchsticks

              1 apple, peeled and cut into matchsticks

              3 radishes, cut into matchsticks or thinly sliced

              1 tablespoon olive oil

              1 tablespoon sesame oil

              1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

              1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar

              splash of fish sauce

              1 teaspoon chili flakes in oil


              cracked black pepper

              To prepare the kohlrabi, with a sharp knife cut off the branches. Peel off the skin either using a vegetable peeler or a knife.

              Cut the kohlrabi, radishes and peeled apple either with a knife or a mandolin.

              Mix together the rest of the ingredients, which are for the dressing.

              Toss all the salad ingredients together and chill in refrigerator before serving.

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                Oooh, kohlrabi salad looks good, and I have some hanging around.

                My mom and I both made this shaved zucchini salad:


                The recipe is great and you could be creative in your approach, this version has an Italian bend to it, but a middle eastern version with feta cumin and a bit of heat would be great too. Dress it to order, if not it will get soggy, the zucchini releases a lot of water, so something to keep in mind.

                I made zucchini bread today and since I took the plunge and turned on the oven (not as bad as turning on the stove IMHO because the heat is contained at least) I also roasted beets to slice up and eat throughout the week and 'steamed' potatoes and made potato salad with homemade herb-lemon mayo.