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Jul 22, 2011 10:30 AM

Cajeta in boston

I am looking for jars of Cajeta caramel in the boston area. I am looking for the real goats milk caramel and not just throwing cans of sweetened condensed milk into boiling water.
does anyone have a source??


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    1. re: Taralli

      That stuff's quite good, got some as a gift from Joel's in Needham. It is also fairly easy to make, I think most TJs have the goat milk. I cut mine with some cream, to mellow the goat flavor a bit.

      1. re: nsenada

        You can find Fat Toad Farm cajeta sometime at Russo's. If you are in the Russo's nabe and cannot find it, try La Chapincita in Waltham on Moody Street. They have loads of items from Latin America and I have seen Dulce de Leche (from Argentina and Uruguay) and Cajeta.

    2. I think I have seen some from Argentina at Capone in Somerville and Cambridge.

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      1. re: Madrid

        I believe that what Capone's sells is standard Dulce de Leche, made with cow's milk, but can't confirm that 100%. Yes, it is from Argentina.

      2. not what you're looking for, but I made some from local goat milk for the 4th of July- it was really easy, but time consuming

        1. I think I saw some at formaggio in the south end. I would call them to confirm.

          1. Are there any Latino/Mexican groceries around you? I've even seen bottles of Coronado cajeta in the food section of a regular Walmart

            Dulce from Argentina is probably made from cows milk. Mexico is the main source of the goat milk version. In fact, cajeta, meaning 'little box', is a specifically Mexican term.

            In my experience cajeta, at least in bottles like this, is thinner than Dulce de Leche that is made in the can (I've been buying the premade Dulce). One is squeezable, the other has to be spread.