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Jul 22, 2011 09:00 AM

Jerusalem help

Dear fellow Chowhounders;

You've all been helpful in the past, so here goes:

I am going with my family to Israel (Jerusalem mainly) for Sukkot. and i can use your assistance.

I recall some posts from a while back with some excellent resources to rent a nice apt.

I am looking to stay in the Rechavia, Mussara or ? area

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I am Mehadrin Glatt so I would need an Apt that accommodates that, also a Sukka.

I also would appreciate referrals for a caterer that would prepare holiday food and deliver

and finally any good dairy and meat rests with a sukka (mehadrin only please).

Thanking you all in advance!!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. OK CF. 3rd times the charm here...

        I believe most restaurants in Israel will have some form of a Sukkah. As an example, we were in Israel last year for Sukkot and wanted to eat in Big Apple pizza on Emek Refaim. They had a really nice sized sukkah although there was a few minutes wait for a table.

        As far as mehadrin restaurants, although we tend to hold by basically any restaurant with a Teudah in Israel, I did a basic search on Eluna for you using the glatt/mehadrin filter. A few restaurants we have been to came up for me to recommend, although admittedly the meat stuff I cannot hold to, but my husband- a huge meat fan- can. So, we recommend:
        1) Papagaio
        2) Joy Bar and Grill
        3)- We have never been there but heard that it is excellent- Modern at the Israel museum.

        Dairy is my forte though, and I recommend:
        1) The Spaghettis @ Mamila- if u havent ever been to Mamilla you are in for a treat!
        2) Ticho House- they have a huge Sukkah but you really should call any restaurant ahead of time and make a recommendation and specify you want to sit in the Sukkah, because this will not be assumed.

        As far as caterers, I know of Devorah Scheter and Naomis especially cater to tourists. Clearly, though they will not be cheap.

        As far as accomodation- I recommend looking at Tripadvisor under the rentals section. There are many apartments with Sukkot listed. Failing that, you can post on Teaneckshuls and people will be able to assist you there as well.

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          we rent our pesach apartments on craigs list jerusalem. we have had excellent luck. also try VRBO. for catering we did Naomi's and it was outstanding and completely delicious. We felt like the portions were pretty big. have a wonderful yomtov!

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            Thanks guys.

            There was a post a long while ago with a Jerusalem rental website Thanks again

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              I tried to post some ideas, but my post kept getting taken down. They are all over posts with speicifc accomodation requests listed.