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Jul 22, 2011 07:57 AM

Ann Arbor Art Fair

I'm going to the art fair tonight directly after work. Wondering about dinner. I am assuming most places will be packed. Anyone know of any off the beaten path places that might not have a really long wait? Or, does anyone know the quality of food at the fair itself? I cannot do greasy fried foods in this heat without being ill. Is there a pretty decent selection or should we skip eating at the fair?


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  1. Restaurants on Main, State or South U will be extremely crowded. Try Domineck's behind the Law School. Great outdoor Ann Arbor atmosphere for festive drinking. Can't vouch for the food but if you are thinking about eating the street food then you will be fine with it.

    1. In case anyone was wondering, the food scene at the art fair was horrible. I don't understand why there couldn't be some top of the line food vendors come in - it seems like it's the perfect venue.

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        Man, that's sad to hear. I haven't been to the fair in a couple years, but the greek ladies up at the corner of the union used to make a mean gyro. The main street food court used to showcase some local restaurants. I recall Blue Nile having a stand and selling the most delectable meal for around $8. Sad.

        1. re: charlesbois

          I didn't see that stand Charles. And I should mention that I'm not a huge fan of gyros - I did see a stand selling them. There was one place that was doing stir-fry but it looked rather greasy and unappealing. The rest of it was your typical hot dogs, fries, elephant ears, etc. There was one of the local restaurants that had a make-shift patio set up, I can't recall the name and the menu was nothing special.

          I wonder why Michigan (metro Detroit) is so behind the times in the food truck scene that seems to be so popular nowadays?

          1. re: tdmort

            Ann Arbor locals leave town during Art Fair - many establishments actu ally close up shop to escape. That's why the food scene is bad during it. Too bad you missed Mark's Carts during Art Fair

            1. re: momskitchen

              Wow....I wonder how I missed it! I am going to have to check this out for sure!! Awesome!