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Mar 16, 2006 03:09 PM

New Dangerous Neighborhood: Rockenwagner Bakery Open in Culver City...

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My SO just left me a message alerting me to the fact that the new Rockenwagner Bakery just ONE block away from our house is now open... He ended it with perhaps the quote of the year...

"And now we have a new danger in our neighborhood; It's not crack... it's Rockenwagner".


He picked up an Olive Loaf which we will be trying TONIGHT... Enchiladas and Olive loaf... that could work... LOL!

I just wanted to give you hounds the heads up and will be giving a full report soon...Hmmm... :)

Rockenwagner Bakery (The same breads and sweets they had at the restaurant and at Farmers Markets)
12835 Washington Blvd @ Beethoven
Culver City/Venice Border


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  1. I had a great brioche from their stand at the Sunday FM a couple weeks ago. Their rhubarb cake also looked tempting.

    1. Yes! Thanks for the news Dommy. Apricot-custard streusel and poppy seed danishes, here I come.

      1. Anyone have any other recs on what to get here? Will the sell the pretzel burger buns?

        p.s. watch out for that red light intersection camera right at that intersection.

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        1. re: DB

          Yes, they have the Pretzel buns/breads in various incarnation.

          and sorry Dommy!, no Olive Loaf made today.

        2. Monday - Friday 8-3 pm

          Saturday and Sunday 9-3

          They opened yesterday and from the look of the tape hanging from the register, they have been doing a brisk buisness.

          I got a Jalapeno and cheese pretzel thingy for munching on while doing laundry across the street.. I wish I had it heated and the Pellegrino from them were cold, but it was still great.

          Take care.

          - P.

          1. Holy Cholesterol, Grubman! That grilled cheese-bacon stick greasebomb thing is to die (maybe literally) for.

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            1. re: Mr Grub

              Oh. my. gawd. Cheese.Bacon.stick.

              This just went from dangerous to deadly... LOL!

              Thanks everyone for your recs! Please keep them coming!!