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New Dangerous Neighborhood: Rockenwagner Bakery Open in Culver City...

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My SO just left me a message alerting me to the fact that the new Rockenwagner Bakery just ONE block away from our house is now open... He ended it with perhaps the quote of the year...

"And now we have a new danger in our neighborhood; It's not crack... it's Rockenwagner".


He picked up an Olive Loaf which we will be trying TONIGHT... Enchiladas and Olive loaf... that could work... LOL!

I just wanted to give you hounds the heads up and will be giving a full report soon...Hmmm... :)

Rockenwagner Bakery (The same breads and sweets they had at the restaurant and at Farmers Markets)
12835 Washington Blvd @ Beethoven
Culver City/Venice Border


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  1. I had a great brioche from their stand at the Sunday FM a couple weeks ago. Their rhubarb cake also looked tempting.

    1. Yes! Thanks for the news Dommy. Apricot-custard streusel and poppy seed danishes, here I come.

      1. Anyone have any other recs on what to get here? Will the sell the pretzel burger buns?

        p.s. watch out for that red light intersection camera right at that intersection.

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        1. re: DB

          Yes, they have the Pretzel buns/breads in various incarnation.

          and sorry Dommy!, no Olive Loaf made today.

        2. Monday - Friday 8-3 pm

          Saturday and Sunday 9-3

          They opened yesterday and from the look of the tape hanging from the register, they have been doing a brisk buisness.

          I got a Jalapeno and cheese pretzel thingy for munching on while doing laundry across the street.. I wish I had it heated and the Pellegrino from them were cold, but it was still great.

          Take care.

          - P.

          1. Holy Cholesterol, Grubman! That grilled cheese-bacon stick greasebomb thing is to die (maybe literally) for.

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            1. re: Mr Grub

              Oh. my. gawd. Cheese.Bacon.stick.

              This just went from dangerous to deadly... LOL!

              Thanks everyone for your recs! Please keep them coming!!


            2. OMG! I could walk there! (that was a lie)

              If I did walk maybe I could justify it.

              What I can't understand is where? I go through that intersection (watching the camera) just about everyday.

              Next to Pollo Loco? The mechanic?

              Must be on the South side. I don't look in my rear view mirror.

              Anyone know the hours of operation? I'd have to catch them after work.

              Darn work.

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              1. re: mar52

                They are on the north side of Washington Bl, east of Beethoven a few doors down from the motel where Robert Downey Jr was arrested.

                They are open till 8-3pm weekdays
                and 9-3 weekends

              2. Well I checked it out on the way home.

                Who scouted out the location for him? What were they possibly thinking?

                Could it be the front to a much larger operation in the back? Just a perk to a commercial location?

                The only sign I saw (It was dark) was NOW OPEN.

                It wasn't.

                I can't wait until it is so I can sample one of everything.

                I'll write more when I do.

                1. It's not in Cuver City, it's in Mar Vista.

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                  1. re: correction

                    Actually, on that side of the street it is... I live a block away in Mar Vista and wave at the Culver City cops who drive by often...



                    1. re: Dommy!

                      What a let down-
                      I stopped in this AM on my way back from BnB Hardware-
                      The Latte was made in a machine and came out terrible and COLD!
                      and the Muffin was old and stale-
                      All this for 8 bucks!
                      I will not return-
                      Very Shabby for a Rockenwagner Place-
                      Shame Shame Shame---

                      1. re: kandykane

                        So sorry to hear that! I wonder if since the opening of Four Square and the bakery in Venice, if old man rockenwagner has let things slide there.... :(


                        1. re: Dommy

                          I work across the street from it and I'm happy to report it's still great!

                  2. heh heh...bakery=crack! you are sooooo right. we live very near there. will definitely give it a try. do they have croissants?

                    and what is this pretzel/bread/bun thingy that others have mentioned??

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                    1. re: msbadkittie

                      No croissants - go up Bundy, hang a left on Wilshire, and look for Amandine for incredible croissants (and everything else). (Hans) Rockenwagner is from Austria, as is his head baker, Wolfgang (Wolf, Wolfie), and the pretzelbread-based pastries and rolls are a signature item there. The pretzel rolls taste of a soft pretzel that has been made by someone who cared to do it right, and they have a nice burnished brown finish to them. If a bacon-cheddar pretzel twist sounds interesting to you, then try it - it will not disappoint. Throw down some sesame and poppy seeds onto a counter, lay out some flattened pretzel dough, set in a generous amount of bacon and cheddar, fold the dough over the bacon and cheddar, and give the pastry a good twist. After a nice baking in the oven, the bacon and cheese work their way out the edges of the pastry, becoming the perfect breakfast food...