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Jul 22, 2011 06:02 AM

Roosevelt avenue grazing

We want to spend some time eating our way through the food carts along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. Is there a particular time or day that is best to go? Are they there all the time or just lunch time & evening? Are there just one or two or (as we have been led to believe) quite a number all selling different items? Finally what is the best stretch of road to walk along? We were planning to walk from 82nd st subway to 74th st. Oh - and what about little India? Any carts there?
Many thanks for any help recieved.

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  1. During the daytime there are two taco/torta etc. carts right outside of the 74th st. station, and a Himalayan one on the north side of Roosevelt at 73rdish in the triangle between Broadway and Roosevelt. Of the taco trucks I prefer the one that is more west, neither is mind blowing. Only had momos from the other, they were okay. Honestly I prefer many of the brick and mortar establishments in the area.

    1. from 74th st to 82nd - start with little india/bangladesh/pakistan/tibet/nepal/thailand - then at 82nd you'll get tamales, tacos, helados and stuff.

      also, around junction blvd is another hot bed of activity. there's a LOT to tell. I've written extensively on these boards and on

      1. The old Eastern JH street food post is still in the archives`somewhere, but the actual mapping is probably very out of date. When I walk the area and show people the area I tend to use the train with an unlimited Metrocard to make the first bit work.

        Start at Tortas Neza for exceptional tortas and other antojitos. If you want to walk with lots of loud train noises above than you could, but otherwise grab the 7 train to 74th and Jackson Heights. Walk that vicinity and grab food at a Nepalese or Tibetan restaurant and/or Hyderabadi Spice. Work on from there down Roosevelt hitting carts. 82nd St has good tamales, quesadillas, etc.


        Tortas Neza
        53-26 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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            Woops! Deccan Kebab! Hyderabadi Spice is in East Ham, East London. I keep mixing the two up!

            Deccan Kabab
            74-06 37th Rd, Queens, NY 11372

        1. The 74th St. subway stop is certainly the navel of the universe for a wide variety of cheap ethnic eats, though it's not all from carts. I also love the Ecuadorean cluster at Roosevelt and Warren (right next to the Junction Blvd. stop). There you'll find perhaps three trucks and five carts all serving Ecuadorean food --everything from ceviche to a whole pig's head.

          1. I would say the best time to cruise Roosevelt Ave is either Friday or Saturday nights after 9pm. While most of the Mexican carts are around during the daytime hours, some of the better carts/trucks show up at night (or are guaranteed to be around at night). I'd also add that your route from 82nd St to 74th is way too short to find the better street food. It would be better to extend the route from Junction Blvd to 74th (or even Woodside if you're interested in one of the better Mexican trucks, Cuatro Vientos at Roosevelt/67th St, after 9pm). If you start at Junction, you can grab a meat plate or ceviche at one of the Ecuadorian trucks on Warren (one block west of Junction), then stroll down Roosevelt for a cemita from Tia Julia (91st St), or a quesadilla cart around 85th, or a freshly fried churro if they're there in the same vicinity. At 82nd, stop by Superavena Pan de Bono for the almojabanas (Colombian cheesy rolls) hot out of the oven (you also find them at Cositas Ricas as well, but I prefer Superavena). Make sure to save some space for a couple arepas from the arepa lady set up around 79th St. Get one arepa de queso, and one arepa de chocolo. Get a huitlacoche quesadilla from Sabrosa Quesadilla y Mas cart in front of the Chase bank on 75th. Or maybe pop into Taqueria Coatzingo around 76th St for a few tacos (my favorites being the al pastor, lengua or birria). But save space for a carne asada taco from El Gallo Giro cart in front of Roosevelt Station (they're not always around, but will be on a weekend night--they'll be the cart closest to 74th St). From there, you can walk a block on Broadway and pop into Kabab King for an item or two from the steam table. Or maybe if you're curious about the halal carts in front of the bank, you can try the famed Sammy's for their chicken/rice or lamb/rice. But in that area, I prefer to go to Kababish for their excellent kababs. The best deal is their kabab rolls made in freshly baked naan for $3. There are plenty more places to stop and graze, but these are my favorite spots along Roosevelt.

            Taqueria Coatzingo
            76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            Kabab King Diner
            73-01 37th Rd, Queens, NY 11372

            Cositas Ricas
            79-19 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            Tia Julia
            91st St and Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            7064 Broadway, Queens, NY 11372

            Sammy's Halal
            73rd St and Broadway, Queens, NY 11372

            Los Cuatro Vientos
            Roosevelt Ave and 65th St, Queens, NY 11377

            Pan de Bono Almojabana
            40-23 82nd St, Queens, NY 11373

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              Thanks everyone for the good advice. I've now got a much clearer picture of what the area has to offer, and can't wait to get started. So much to do & so little time to do it! First time in NYC so really looking forward to the trip. We've got a couple of high end restaurants lined up so we're mixing & matching a bit by eating cheaply on other days.