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Jul 22, 2011 05:54 AM

Where to buy Thumann's hotdogs/franks in NYC?

The hotdog thread has been brought up many times and people have contributed great suggestions but I was wondering if anyone knew of any place in Manhattan that sells those wonderful Thumann's franks?

Also, being that the old threads are outdated... anyone have a favorite place to buy hotdogs to cook at home?

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  1. Not in Manhattan but the A&P on Mclean ave in yonkers sells them. You can take the 4 train to woodlawn and then hop on the 20 bus to white plains and take the bus north 3 stops to mcclean ave and the store is right there. Then take the 20 bus back right across the overpass where you were left off by the northbound 20.

    They are open until midnight M-Sat (PM on Sunday,

    Entire trip from midtown should be about an hour each way if you go after 8pm or mid day.

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      That's a hell of a trip for a hot dog! But, those Thumann's are really good. Back in the day, when a commute to NJ mean changing getting oft he Path train in Hoboken, there was bar right near the Path stairs and they'd have a bunch Thumann's on the griddle, just waiting for those hungry commuters to get a dog and two Buds in a paper bag. Those hot dogs were fantastic, and I do have to say that I made the trip out to Hoboken once or twice just to get a dog! I'm disappointed that they're impossible to find in Manhattan

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        I've never had a Thumann hot dog. I may go to one of the locations to buy a pack or two. Any suggestions as to which kind? The beef frankfurters Pushcart Style?


        Where can I purchase Thumann's Fine Deli products?

        You can purchase Thumann's outstanding products at the finest supermarkets, gourmet delicatessens, convenience stores, and Mom & Pop sandwich shops. If you need help locating our fine products, please call us at 201-935-3636 or email Customer Service

        1. I emailed the Customer Service address, got a phone number for Casanova Foods, now apparently Big Apple Foods, which is the local distributor. You can get the hot dogs at about three places in Manhattan, as I understood the cheerful but a bit incoherent responder.

          Fine Fare at 545 Grand Street is the closest to me, but there were places farther uptown, like 10th Avenue in the 40's and I forget the other, maybe it was 3rd Avenue in the 30's. He wasn't very specific, but couldn't have been nicer. He said that since it's a premium price brand, it has been hard to get into supermarkets, but a lot of local delis carry the brand. So email or call, for sure, to get other locations.

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            Wow. Thank you so much for checking!!

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              Not at all. I'm looking forward to trying them myself, since there's absolutely no place in Manhattan to get my faves, Sahlen's from Buffalo...

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              Thank you so much for checking. I wish I knew the place in the 30's on 3rd. Will have to call.

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                Well, I think that's what the guy said. It might be another Fine Fare...check on Google. Or you could just phone.