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PIzza Dough Toronto

Want to make a bunch of pizzas on my BBQ soon...too lazy to make my own dough...is there anywhere (midtown preferred) that had better quality/taste that I should purchase from??? Would love to hear my trusted hounds suggestions.


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  1. I always get pizza dough from My Market Bakery in Kensington. I can't say I've done much comparison shopping but it is better than the dough from Metro which puffs up too much for my tastes. Looking forward to seeing other suggestions.

    My Market Bakery
    184 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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      My Market has really good whole wheat dough (fresh) and I disliked Metro (frozen) in comparison. I had another great dough from a place in the junction. I do not know the name but it is a very unique spot on the north side of Dundas (near an art gallery/store I was visiting) where they make grilled chicken and hamburgers etc, but they also make their own bagels and other baked goods including fresh pizza dough.

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        A pizza dough docker might help with your puffy dough. I haven't been able to find one, but here is a link to them:


        I tried pricking the dough with a fork, it helped somewhat ...


      2. This is probably out of your way but the best store bought pizza dough that I have tried is from the Monastery Bakery in Oakville

        1. Thanks for the suggestions so far...any others???

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            The pizza place in St.Lawrence sells balls of fresh dough. It's pretty good, better than the bagged stuff in the supermarkets.

          2. I've used bagged pizza dough from quite a few places, but the best I've had was from Grande Cheese on Orfus Rd. It wasn't the typical chewy, difficult-to-thin dough that most seem to be. It made a nice, thin, crispy (not too crispy) crust for the margherita pizzas that I made in our home oven. I'm pretty sure the name on the dough was 'Pane Arti', but I don't know anything about the bakery where it is produced.

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              Tatsu's bakery at Lake Shore & Kipling has a good one, both white and whole wheat.

            2. Thanks all...appreciate the input.

              1. I've had Grande Cheese's dough and its okay, but nothing to write home about. The best I've had I bought at Nino D'Adversa Bakery at Rutherford and Jane St. in Vaughn. It's basically across the road from Vaughn Mills Mall. It had the best crust and I also like their buns.

                I haven't tried the dough from Bravo Italian Bakery on Taunton Road, west of Salem Road (north Ajax). Their buns and bread are homemade and are excellent; the best I've had east of Scarborough. They are on par or better than Lamanna's (Kingston Rd. and Port Union).

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                  Thanks for the suggestions...doubt I'll travel from Leaside to Vaughan or to Ajax but good to know...

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                      Whole Foods is my go-to store-bought pizza dough too. Great for making pan-pizza.

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                        Bruno's Yonge 1 block N of St Clair on W side always has bags of fresh dough which I find great both for pizza and for making stromboli.

                2. Grand Cheese on Orfus has a sign beside their pizza dough-Do Not Freeze. The reason is that the pizza dough has already been frozen. The last time I went in, I asked if they had any more of the regular pizza dough and the person working there told me yes, we have more . He asked me if I was in a hurry to use it because the dough was frozen.

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                    Commisso's Bros. and Racco Bakery on Kingcourt st.

                  2. Lady York on Dufferin at Glencairn.

                    1. Thanks again hounds for all your suggestions...