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Mar 16, 2006 01:18 PM

Cafe Pinot

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Just had an exception 6-course dinner prepared by Mark Gold last night in celebration of a 20th wedding anniversary. He does not disappoint. The second course had a small portion of BLiS maple syrup that was so wonderful. Do any of you Chowhounds know where I can purchase this heavenly maple syrup?

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  1. mikuni wild harvest. they have a website where you can puchase it

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    1. re: staggerlee

      Hey Staggerlee, thanks so much. It looks like a great website.

    2. Overpriced and unoriginal. We had a hepatitis scare there after a $200+ meal for four. Ended up wasting the entire weekend. Never going back, ever!

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      1. re: Aristotelian

        I don't know about the maple syrup, but I have been to Cafe Pinot and Pinot Hollywood multiple times and have always come away disappointed. The food is passable, but mediocre and is a very poor value for the price. After repeated experiences at these places, I am not a Patina restaurant fan.

        1. re: GI Joe

          Agree. Can't believe they are so sucessful. Putting there name on the joint in the plaza @ the Music Center shows how much respect they have for anyone.

          1. re: alf1052

            "Can't believe they are so sucessful"

            Easy, key word spells EM-A-EF-I-A.

      2. I agree with you! I took my mom to dinner there and had a wonderful night. Our waitress was exceptional, quite accomodating and knowledgeable. The chef prepared a gnocci for us that is no longer on the menu and it was wonderful. The environment was very relaxing yet pristine. I preferred this to Zucca and Nick and Stefs Steakhouse and would put it on the same level as Pinot Bistro.

        1. went there today for monkfish and beet salad as well as brown sugar overturned carrot cake.

          The latter was good. I enjoyed the lunch except they RUSHED everything. They kept taking dishes away from me but since I was being wined and dined for an interview, I did not mind. If I had to pay for myself I might think twice?

          Overall some service issues, food was aiite!