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Jul 22, 2011 02:53 AM

Help with typical family Lisbon restaurant. suggestions?

First time American visitors have asked me to find a Lisbon eatery that covers these parameters "Fancy restaurants are nice, but we'd rather try something that is off the beaten path and more like what a grandmother would cook for her family" Suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried a search for Lisbon on this board? You will come up with many relevant posts, especially from "vinhotinto ". One I picked up is:


    1. I would suggest Stop Do Bairro (Rua tenente Ferreira Durao 55A, Campo de Ourique, 1300 Ph# 21 388 8856). The following is my review from a visit in 2003, but I understand it has not changed.
      Stop do Bairro was a great scene—unpretentious neighborhood place, full of multi-generational families eating and drinking with exuberance. We ordered the same way there each time we were in—looking around at the other tables and pointing to what looked best. Feijoada Transmontana one time, the standard combination of sausages with pork loin and big chunks of fatty pork cooked with beans, another time Cozinha Portuguesa which had all of the above meats plus beef, chicken, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and sweet potatoes cooked with broth—outstanding. Actually this time I noticed that there are 2 sausages that seem like blood sausage to me—one that is firmer and meatier and another that is much more crumbly texture. They serve rice on the side that looks like dirty rice, seems like it has been cooked with some of the crumbly blood sausage. Good desserts there too, a good version of almond tart, and this thing that seemed like 7 or 8 thin layers of a cross between a graham cracker and a molasses cookie, which had been soaked down with syrup and had a coupla layers of whipped cream interspersed. I thought it was great.