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Jul 22, 2011 02:12 AM

Bombay Duck

Remember Bombay Duck? These dried fish used to be the ubiquitous accompaniment to pompadums when settling down to a meal in an Indian restaurant. For the last 15 years, they have totally gone off the radar. Does anyone know what happened to them - and whether they can be found at ANY Indian restaurant in London or, indeed, bought at a subcontinental supermarket/shop?

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  1. Banned by the EU in 1997 apparently, although it's now been overturned. Available by post or in Bristol from The Sweet Mart:

    1. Very common in Bangladeshi cooking (and this may have caused its appearance in British Indian food to begin with.) Gram Bangla almost always has it with yard beans. It's called lothia shuti in Bangla.

      1. Love Bombay Duck ;-)

        1. Any Qingdao place in London? It is found there and NYC (at M&T in Flushing, a Qingdao joint.)

          Salt and Pepper Bombay Duck (椒鹽龍頭魚 Jiao Yan Long Tou Yu) Bombay Duck or Lizardfish, which is salted and dried like bacalao.

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            Yeah, M&T and Neerob are the only places I've seen it in NYC (cooked.) It's extremely easy to find it dried and uncooked in either city because of their large Bangladeshi populations, but I've only seen it cooked to order at Gram Bangla.

            No Qingdao places in London (that I know of) yet.