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Jul 22, 2011 12:14 AM

What's the best frozen lumpia brand and the markets that sell them?

Hey all, I was wondering what do you all think is a good brand of frozen lumpias. I was looking for something similar to goldilocks. I went to Pacific Supermarket hoping they would carry frozen goldilocks but nope. However, they did have many other brands but not sure which to try/get.

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  1. I stopped at Manila Oriental Market this morning, they carry Orientex brand and had Goldilocks brand with shrimp and with pork. They had many varieties of Orientex in Vegetable, shrimp and
    vegies, chicken and vegies as well as pork. Large size is $ 11.99. Small $ 5.99. Pacific Market in Daly City has many varieties of Orientex but no other labels.
    May try some soon to see which we like best. Hand made ones at the Off The Grid on Friday night were superb. Believe it was the HapaSF truck.
    I hope other will add their comments.

    Manila Oriental Market
    4175 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

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      Last input on this item.
      The Goldilocks brand shrimp and pork are superior to any other frozen limpias that we have tries. Not as good as freshly made, but very tasty and good filling quantity.