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Jul 21, 2011 07:57 PM

Wine Bar at Griswold Inn

The wine bar at the Griz in Essex has been mentioned offhand in several posts a year or so ago (some by me!) but having been invited back by some family members reminded me that it was good enough to rate its own thread. First of all, it is tastefully decorated with pictures of old riverboats like the Griswold's main dining room, but the bar area has a nice mural of Essex harbor framed by backlit bottles. Thankfully it is well lit, not dingy and dark like some wine bar areas.

They have an extensive wine list by the glass. My kinfolk were engrossed in evaluating several wine flights, but I was more interested in their small-plate tapas-style menu since I had missed dinner. Unfortunately the kitchen was closing so I only had time to order the orange glazed scallops (which were excellent) and lusted after some strawberry cheesecake ordered by our neighbors. I cannot remember what I had on a previous visit, but obviously it was good enough for me to continue to recommend it. I believe they are only open in the evening. They also have some pizza and larger plates, and their menu can be found at

Griswold Inn
36 Main St, Essex, CT 06426

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  1. I have wanted to write about this and haven't gotten to it, thanks.

    On Wednesdays they have a special "Wine and Women Wednesday,' half price wine by the glass (not flights) and buy 2 tapas get the 3rd free. Needless to say it is a favorite Ladies Night for my friends and I.

    At times the service has been spotty (last time I was there tapping my foot with cash sitting on the table, purse on shoulder, clearly wanting my check) usually good, always friendly. There are some dishes which have been a miss, mostly they are at least good, and often very good. When I am with a large party we sometimes have different temperatures for our food (sitting too long.) Overall, the food is inventive and changes seasonally, which I appreciate.

    We always go back, the overall experience and food more than make up for the 'off' times, which to me are not too much of a problem or I wouldn't return. This is our go-to choice in Essex.