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Jul 21, 2011 07:55 PM

Steveston Pizza Co. coming to Van!

I was very happy to see a sign up right beside Shiro, one of my fav sushi joints.
No idea when/if they are open as I was just driving by but it should be a nice addition to the Cambie/16th area!

Steveston Pizza Co
3400 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7E3A2, CA

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  1. Finally I'll be able to try that Fabled Pie!

    1. Ditto !

      That reminds me, IIRC we are 'hood mates .....

      1. Ok. Just got their menu in the mail.

        Can somebody explain the menu to me?

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        1. re: _js_

          It's kinda cryptic.

          Actually since they've opened I've not been wowed by their pizzas. Dough is too thick for me, the toppings are ok but to be honest don't differentiate themselves from other pizza pies available around here. And their prices are not what I consider terribly good value. After 4-5 tries, I went back to Firewood Pizza, their direct competitor a 1/2 block away. I've also been bringing home Ragazzi pizzas (E. 22nd Ave) which to me are very good in the same price point.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            I was so happy to hear they were coming to Vancouver, but was sorely dissappointed with their pies....two large pizza and my wallet almost $70 lighter...I was expecting the same kind of product that came out of their of their original location. It just was not the same. Like LR - the crust was lackluster and the sauce absent -an excess of inoki mushrooms one pizza made for one weird tasting pie....

            1. re: Quattrociocchi

              Thanks for the heads up, LR and Quattro. I'll stick with Firewood and the Za House for west side pizza.

              1. re: grayelf

                If you're craving old-school Greek-style pizza, try Double D Pizza on W4th. Very flavourful, higher quality ingredients than the usual pizza joint. Reminds me of Panagopoulous pizza circa early 90s before they went mass market and blandified.

                1. re: _js_

                  We did used to get from there, will have to try it again, thanks.

                    1. re: LotusRapper

                      We tried it in November with miss foodie (writeup here http://missfoodiesgourmetadventures.w...

                      The Coles notes: it was pretty tasty. We liked the Caprese and the Trastevere the best. The potato one was blah which was a big disappointment for me. There are very few tables so get there early or grab and go.

                      1. re: grayelf

                        IIRC, the owner of Trilussa used to be at Sciue. Both are considered "Roman" style pizza. I find Scuie good but pretty pricey. You have to get the pizzas while they are fresh as the crust tends to get overly chewy after a while. Not a problem during a busy lunch when the pizzas are being made at a furious pace.

                        1. re: fmed

                          I've only tried both once each and found Trilussa far superior to Sciue and cheaper FWIW. All our pies were made fresh at Trilussa, prolly not at Sciue, to be fair.

                          1. re: grayelf

                            Well, I did Trilussa twice in 4 days. My Coles notes:

                            - Saturday: on way to RIley Park skating with son, was hungry. Stopped by early afternoon. Nice small cozy digs, place half filled. They had 7-8 kinds on the cutting counter. A quick glance allowed me to pick the meatiest one there at the time, some brekkie concoction of fried egg, bacon (or was it prosciutto ?) and mushrooms. Got the 7" slice with an americano. Miraculously Jr. wasn't in the mood for any pizza (maybe the square pieces confused him .....). Mine was quite nice, surprised to see good leoparding on the crust, and it's just how I like it, thin, crispy with a slight chew to the dough. I liked the Roma style with less tomato sauce. But I added some salt. Overall ..... 7.5/10.

                            - Tuesday (tonight): went with the LR clan. Wife got the 7" Vancouver (salmon, mixed greens) at room temperature with a side salad. We both liked it. Son got the 7" Abruzzo (soppressata salami & mozzarella) ... he had no complaints. I had the 5" Caprese ..... good too but coulda used more seasoning. I snuck at peek at the back counter and saw them use the boxed organic mixed greens I buy at the supermarket. With a San Pellegrino aranciata, a tea and a kids hot chocolate, total incl. tax was 3 dixes. Overall 8/10. This is our new pizzeria haunt.

                            1. re: LotusRapper

                              The flatbread they sell is quite tasty-I usually buy a few when I'm in the 'hood.