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Jul 21, 2011 07:10 PM

Breakfast around Yonge/Finch

Any recommendation for breakfast around yonge/finch area, gotta take my friend from england for a nice breakfast preferably where can we talk comfortably. Going on weekday

thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. Is cafe buda or le monde any good for breakfast?

      1. re: caineroad

        i live in the area and as far as i know, there's really little choice for sit down, full-service breakfast.
        it's possible that john anderson's does a breakfast, and perhaps the basement food court in the basement of the xerox (pink) tower at yonge/finch.
        aries cafe will have coffee/tea and some sweet pastry/cake options, but i'm not sure they open that early. i have no idea what time cafe buda or le monde open.
        there's a cute place across the street from the last two, called capriccio. however, if open early, i believe your options would be limited to tea/coffee, cake, pastries, and cookies.
        finally, it's a sure bet that novotel (beside/inside north york centre) has breakfast.

        1. re: growinggourmet

          If you're prepared to drive up to Steeles Ave. near Yonge for a proper sit-down breakfast, I recommend Steeles Deli, in a plaza on the north side of Steeles just west of Yonge St. It's about a 5-10-minute drive that time of day.