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Jul 21, 2011 07:07 PM

Zee Grill - Mt Pleasant :)

Oh my goodness - I think Mr. Vuitton and I have found a new favourite place.

So we are relatively new to the neighborhood, read good things about it here and finally gave it a try.

Overall, really enjoyed our meal, good service, great local atmosphere, fresh fresh fish/seafood, reasonable price. Our server, host, everyone was very friendly and very nice.

So, specifics...

We started with a dozen oysters - various. I would say this was the lowlight of the meal. They were fresh, but they lacked the really really fresh "snap" or "crispness" that we always get at Rodney's or Starfish. We would pass on the oysters next time.

I had the poke salad to start - so good. Very fresh flavours - good amounts of crab, tuna and other fish. A very nice cilantro, tomato and red onion freshness. I didn't like the arugala base it was on, but I just ate around that. It had pine nuts, which I am not a fan of, so I just ate around them as well. (Forgot to ask that they be withheld)

Mr. Vuitton had the crab cake to start. Very tasty. Not over fried and not at all greasy (I almost wonder if it was put in the oven? which seems different). Very fresh and lots of good, fresh "lumpy" crabmeat :)

For a main, I had the tuna tartare, which is actually a starter on the menu, but it was so unbelievably hot today that it killed my appetite. The tuna was served on a bed on exceptionally thinly sliced cucumber - nice cool complement to the tuna. It was also topped with fresh, chunky avocado - it was very lovely. The tuna itself was very fresh and not dressed at all (yay!). My only "complaint" was that it was too finely chopped as tartare for my personal preference - a bit too macerated, I prefer tuna tartare to be a bit chunkier, but to stress, nothing wrong with the taste, freshness or presentation of the actual dish.

Mr. Vuitton had the fish tacos as a main. They were fabulous. I had the last bit of his last taco (you get three hardshell tacos). The shell still held a good crispness, there was lots of chunky halibut in the taco and it was topped with a little bit of cheese and a little bit of lettuce (at least that was what I got in my bite ;)). On the side, they served pico de gallo, a mild tomatillo sauce, a spicy tomatillo sauce (FABULOUS!) and a chunky mango chutney/relish that you could use to top your tacos with. Anyway, these were great! Mr. Vuitton really liked them a lot.

So, all of the above, plus a bottle of white, was ~$150, post tax, pre tip, no dessert. Again, we'd skip the oysters next time. If we did that, the total would be closer to $100-110 including the wine.

We really enjoyed our evening, and we're looking forward to going back and eating our way through the rest of the menu ;)


Zee Grill
641 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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  1. Nice, I love Zee Grill. The poke salad is so good and perfect in hot weather like this. If you ever take anyone there that is not a seafood lover, the streak frites there is excellent. For dessert, next time try the lemon meringue ice cream sandwich. Creamy lemon ice cream between two crunchy meringue shells and some raspberry coulis. Once again, so refreshing and I love the crunchy texture of the meringue against the cool tartness of the ice cream. :)

    Zee Grill
    641 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

    1. Love Zee, too.

      Happy to hear they were offering fish tacos the night you went.

      Agree that their lemon meringue dessert is tasty. They serve some of the best desserts in North Toronto.

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        I realize this is a relatively old thread, but I can't say enough about Zee Grill. It's the perfect neighbourhood place. I've been several times, with my husband, with friends, alone and even with parents. Every time has been a great experience. The seafood is fresh and well-prepared. The servers are friendly, know their stuff and aren't afraid to make suggestions. I was on my own last night, but never felt lonely. I eyeballed the food ordered by the tables on either side of me and was only slightly envious of their plates of fish, calamari, surf and turf and scallops. I was thrilled with my rocket salad, dozen oysters and fish taco appetizer. Even my glass of Sauvignon Blanc was lovely.

        When I'm in Toronto for a few days, I always struggle between trying new and interesting ethnic restaurants and just heading to Zee Grill, where I feel quite at home (away from home).