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Jul 21, 2011 07:02 PM

St. John's Newfoundland Sat. July 30 1) Lunch, late lunch or early dinner AND 2) Cuban rum

We're going on an Audubon birding tour that I believe includes all meals. But because of the plane schedules we are arriving a day early. By some weird coincidence, a pair of Halifax relatives will be in St. John's the same day. So we need at least one meal on our own on Saturday with our relatives. We staying at the Delta Hotel at 120 New Gower St. (at Barters Hill). Is there anything special around there for lunch, late lunch or early dinner. We're from Brooklyn, NYC so I doubt whether there is any place beyond our price expectations. The only restriction is that we will be in tourist clothes. Some place with local color with Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada food is preferred as I'm sure we'd do better for French, Italian, Thai, BBQ, Chinese, Mexican etc. in NY. A place that is a bit touristy is OK as long as locals eat there too.

AND then Cuban Rum. Is there a nearby liquor store that would have Havana Club Cuban rum (any grade-regular, anejo or anejo especial)?. Coming from the USA that boycotts Cuba we can only get this nectar of the gods when we leave the US.

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  1. The Delta is downtown, so you're very close to most of the good restaurants. For local flavour, I would either walk up the hill to Bacalao, or very close to the Delta is Chinched Bistro. I think they are only open for dinner though.

    I haven't been yet, but am very curious to try Raymonds. It's the former chef from Atlantica (out of town) where I had one of the best meals ever a few years ago.

    As for your rum question, b'y you should be buyin' screech! There is a liquor store across the street from the Delta, but they only carry one type:

    For the others, , the closest store, I think, would be Merrymeeting Road. If you go to Bacalao, you could continue along for a few minutes, visit the Rooms, and the Sobeys/NLC store is just behind it.

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      Thank you. I will look up the restaurants you suggested to see if any are open Saturday for lunch, brunch (a NYC phenomenon?) or early dinner.

      We've been (camping) to Newfoundland twice before and have had Screech. And other dark Jamaican rums are readily available in NY. So thanks, but no thanks. It's Cuban rum we crave. Have you ever had Cuban Rum? It is one of the worlds's best spirits and a very guilty pleasure for USA Americans. If you haven't, try it. You can really feel superior to your southern neighbors who are deprived of this specialty.

      PS, what a great liquor website. Thank you so much.

      1. re: bobjbkln

        The screech rec was a joke, btw! But perhaps someday I will try the Cuban Rum, once I get thru the St Lucian rum I bought on vacation a while ago.

        Re: brunch. You might also check Gypsy Tea Room.

        1. re: dree

          Sorry I missed your Newfoundland humor. Thanks again. Raymonds says attire is dressy; not for this trip (and I doubt if they are open for lunch/brunch. Chinched Bistro may also not be open before dinner. But the other two seem perfect. The Bacalao seems more to cater to people (tourists?) seeking the Newfoundland experience than the Gypsy Tea Room . Probably just what we want, even if it isn't St. John's finest. It's been years since we had cod's toungues :). And since we can't take the Rum back into the US, I think we will be satisfied with one bottle, so the lack of choices in the store next to the Delta should be no problem, if we don't get to a one.

          Anyway. Thanks again. I'll give a short report when we return.

    2. A short report. Despite our research, our relatives insisted on taking us to the Casbah for lunch and the tour also took us there one night. We didn't expect much and got what we expected. Not terrible but pretty mediocre. Did have a chance one evening to go to the Gypsy Tea Room that dree recommended. Surprisingly crowded for early Thursday evening, but they did seat up at a bar table by the window. The food was excellent. Thank you.

      We also ate with the group at the K-Café across from the Delta. We were prepared for ordinary diner food, but everything was fresh and nicely prepared. Quite a pleasant surprise.

      We also had some very pleasant meals elsewhere on the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas, so I guess we have had our fill of salt fish cakes, pan seared cod, and cod's tongues (not to mention the odd touton or two) to last us for a while.

      As for the Rum, we were surprised to find the three year old White available everywhere even in small town Liquor Express stores, although we did have to go to a superstore in St. John's to find the seven year old amber.