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Hamilton knife shops

hi. New to the board looking for help. I've heard a great deal about kiwi knives and I was thinking about adding a decent cleaver to my knives. I have a cheap "gourmet selections" cleaver I'm not sure where from. I want to upgrade to a thinner one but can't afford the pricey Japanese ones. Are there any Chinese groceries around the Hamilton area that have knives. I havn't been able to find one. I checked out workshop.com and they have basically what I want but I'd like to hold first and since I have no cc I can't order. Thanks. We have no Chinatown so I don't know where to look

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  1. The only place I dealt with in Hamilton was Casual Gourmet in westdale village(near Mac) their website is under construction but call they might be able to help

    1. You could try Hamilton Store Fixtures on King St. W. at Caroline or Chris' Store Fixtures on James St. North. They both have a decent selection of knives at fair prices (they are both restaurant/store suppliers and their products are quite good).

      Other recommendation (along the Chinatown variation) would be B&T (Ben Thanh) grocery on on Cannon at Park.

      1. "I want to upgrade to a thinner one but can't afford the pricey Japanese ones."

        What about the Hong Kong brand Chinese cleaver: Chan Chi Kee (CCK) knives. The CCK slicers are extremely reputable. They are about $40 give for the small size cleaver (which is regular size for home use). There is a CCK store in Ontario Pacific Mall:


        I would think you can probably get it elsewhere as well. If you can get a CCK slicer, then I would get it over a Kiwi -- which is an ok knife, but not quite as thin as nice as a CCK.

        1. You might check out Lee Valley Tools in Burlington, too. See what they have before you make the trip to Pacific Mall.


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            I've heard of the CCK and I'd like to get that but don't really want to go to Toronto. What's pacific mall? I do have a wusthof 8" chef but I prefer the cleaver

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              It's way out in Markham on Steeles. Probably worth a visit but I'd wait for cooler weather. It's mobbed on weekends.

          2. Addition from my previous post:

            If your goal is to get a Chinese thin slicer, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a CCK. Just go to any knife forums and you will read excellent reviews of CCK slicers. Here are a list of reviews from Chefknivestogo. Scroll all the way down. Not exactly a knife forum, but it gives you an idea of what people think of the knife:


            Also check out all the past threads on CCK on CHOWHOUND. There are at least 10 threads on it.

            Because you already have a medium size Chinese cleaver (aka vegetable knife), there is no reason but to get a good quality slicer. Think about it. What is the point of getting a subpar slicer? You already have a medium blade Chinese cleaver. Either save the money, or get a good quality one. If you get a poor quality one, you will just use your regular cleaver over it, so it will be a waste of money.

            Also consider a carbon steel knife (as opposed a stainless steel knife)

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              Yes I'd like carbon steel. I have an old utility knife in carbon steel and like it characteristics. I'll call the cck Place in Toronto and see what I can get. Was just hoping for something more local

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                You probably can get a CCK knife locally too. I am just saying that you can definitely get a CCK slicer at the Pacific Mall with a wide selection (saw my link above?)

                You will get much greater selections of Chinese knives from thin to thick, from stainless to carbon steel, from wood handles to plastic handles.... Take a look of the below links, there are three dimensions for every pictures you see here.



                I doubt you will be unable to find the size and material you want.

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                  Thanks for the help guys. I've checked out most of the local shops so might have to plan a trip to Toronto. Is the market like a big farmers market type of thing held on weekends or is it a store?

                  1. re: Vicv07


                    "Is the market like a big farmers market type of thing held on weekends or is it a store?"

                    This is why I asked if you had checked out the link I posted above. It is a mall really, and the store is small, but it is within the mall. The store has great selections of knives, sharpening stones and cookware if you are also interested. The link is below:


                    Exact address is:

                    D76, PACIFIC MALLS,

                    4300 STEELES AVE EAST, MARKHAM

                    ONTARIO, L3R 0Y5, CANADA

                    Phone number is:

                    TEL/FAX: (905) 9479688

                    Give them a call first since it is one hour driving distance from you and see if they have exactly the dimension of knife you are looking for. Sometime, items can sell out and in backorder.

                    It should be on the first store on your right hand side when you enter the mall.

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                      It's a BIG mall. Tons of stuff to check out, some good eats, too! Make a day of it.


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                        Ok. I've been to the Toronto CCK dealer website but besides location it's in Chinese so I can't read it. And i live in Dunnville on lake Erie so Toronto is over 2 hours away. I've got a friend who's a chef. Maybe we'll go there sometime

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                          There's a link at the bottom of the TO store page that takes you to their main HK site with pix of the goods. The TO store should have stock for the standard stuff.

                          Pacific Mall is great fun. Best to get there no later than 11 when most stores start to open. By 2 the parking vanishes and finding a spot can be a royal PITA. Have fun.

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                            Ok. So I think I want one of the 11xx ones. They're wide and thin from how it l

                            1. re: Kagemusha

                              Looks they're nice and wide and thin. But what is the difference between 01 02 03 04. Anyone know?

                              1. re: Vicv07

                                "Ok. So I think I want one of the 11xx ones. They're wide and thin from how it l"

                                The 11XX series is the professional chef's series. You ended your post with an incomplete statement. What exactly do you want to say?

                                "But what is the difference between 01 02 03 04"

                                I am not sure about your question. There ain't "01 02 03 04" for the 11XX series. Be specific and descriptive.

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                                  Ya sorry I accidentally hit post half way through. Ok the difference between 1101 1102 1103 ect. I know there's a 1102 and an 1103 at least

                                  1. re: Vicv07

                                    "Ok the difference between 1101 1102 1103 ect"

                                    Difference in size. There are KF1101, KF1102, KF1103, but not KF1104. The information was posted earlier. Here I am posting the link again (dimension in centimeter):


                                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                      That is exactly what I was looking for thanks

                                      1. re: Vicv07

                                        Your welcome. Another poster, cowboyardee, has the CCK KF1101 and he likes it quiet a bit. I have the smaller CCK KF1301 and I love the knife.

                                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                          Do they have a little curve to the blade or are they straight?

                                          1. re: Vicv07


                                            CCK knives (KP11XX or KP13XX) are not dead straight, but they are straighter than most Chinese knives. Here is a photo of the KF1101 (on the very right):


                                            A Chinese Chef's knife should be dead straight anyway.

                                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                              I meant to say: a Chinese Chef's knife should NOT be dead straight anyway.

                                              Because you want to have a thin blade Chinese Chef's knife, I would concentrate on the KF110X series (carbon steel blade wood handle), the KF111X series (stainless steel blade wood handle), KF112X series (stainless steel blade stainless handle). The smaller KF130X series is also an excellent series (carbon steel blade wood handle). KF191X and KF181X series are also suitable (stainless steel blade).

                                              The CCK store offers some inexpensive sharpening stones.

                2. just my 2 cents, if you know generally what you are looking for, I suggest making the purchase online. Do your research and find what you want, shop around and find a price you can live with. Whatever it would cost for shipping and handling would probably be equal or less then the cost of gas money for a drive to Toronto.

                  I just saw that you have no CC, but a lot of places, including Ebay will allow you to use paypal, which you could connect to your debit account. The other option is to buy one of those Visa/Mastercard's from any of the many places that sell them. The cards are basically like Gift Cards, but can be used in any situation a credit card can be used.

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                  1. re: jmarcroyal

                    I know Chefs knives to Go has the 1301 on sale for U.S $40.00 not sure if it's cheaper at the CCK store,but with the current exchange rate it seems like a great deal..


                    1. re: petek

                      I do have a paypal account set up with my debit card and do purchase on eBay but havn't found any CCK knives on there. A lot of online retailers don't accept paypal. I saw the 1301 on chefknivestogo but I have a cleaver around that size. Not as high quality or as thin but I was thinking the wider 11 series but I'd like to hold it first to see if I really do want the extra width. Ya a little curve is good. I don't want a lot but want to be able to rock it a bit but not rely on rocking like my chef knife. I think I'd like to take a trip there just as an experience too. I like that kind of stuff

                      1. re: Vicv07

                        "I think I'd like to take a trip there just as an experience too. I like that kind of stuff"
                        I'm with you on that Vicv!Make a day out of it.It's a fun,funky mall with tons of shops and some good eats as well(Beard Papa for cream puffs).but like Kagemusha said if you can go on a weekday.

                        1. re: Vicv07

                          Aside from the usual OCD prattle about dimensions and prices, it's probably best to go and handle CCK's stock at Pacific Mall. They're usually helpful and patient. Besides, there's lots to see and eat there as well as the adjoining shopping areas. There are other cookware/kitchenware shops in the mall that are worth snooping around, too. I'd post a question about what's currently good to eat at PM, now that the knife thing is settled. Enjoy.

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                            My visits to CCK in Pacific Mall, have been in afternoons, and I park on the north side of the mall, close to them. It seems like there is one salesperson 11-7PM, Tuesday to Saturday, so don't go late, or on a day when they are closed.
                            The prices include tax, and seemed fair to me, but I know some have bartered with them. If I go back for their $200 single bevel Japanese knife, I will barter! But maybe it is gone by now!
                            I like to get the fresh made noodles with duck on the second floor, but there is a lot of choice in the food area.

                            1. re: jayt90

                              Went there today and bought the 1301. Those 11xx are huge! Havnt used it yet but yes very thin. Should work well. I went looking for those noodles and duck. What I got was a soup with BBQ duck. Not sure if it was the same. My god it was bad! Got something else when I just couldn't eat it. Anyway ya neat place. Bought some good tea I'm drinking as I type this. Thanks for the help everyone

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                              "do purchase on eBay but havn't found any CCK knives on there"

                              There are some CCK knives on and off on eBay, but most the 130X series and not the 110X series you have your eyes on. I think jmarcroyal that bring online is a good choice if you know exact what you want and if you can find the item. If you are not 100% sure if you would want the large size KF110X series, then a trip is not a bad idea. There you can ask for the six different size of carbon steel thin blade knives and tried them all to see which fits you the best.

                            3. re: petek

                              "not sure if it's cheaper at the CCK store"

                              Probably not cheaper, because CCK store does not want to directly compete with its own distributors. For example, you will noticed that Lodge cookware from Lodge stores are usually more expensive than say Amazon.



                              The cheapest stores for CCK knives are probably some stores in Chinatown. People said you can get that 1303 for US $25-30 in San Francisco Chinatown.

                              A few years ago, a few people have listed the price they bought their knives from the CCK store. Rosetown (Duane) is one of them. They are not cheaper than Chefknivestogo. Here were the prices:


                          2. Hey Vic, heres a link to a thread on Bladeforums.com, I think you will find it helpfull and theres a couple links and alternative suggestions for you to check out. Over the past maybe 2 years Ive been getting into knives, mainly camping/hunting type knives, but with all my research Ive learned a lot about the different types of steel, whats best for certain jobs and basically what the differences are between cheap knives and good knives.

                            Anyway, Bladeforums.com is a good resource for all your blade needs, from pocket to kitchen, from machete to sword. If you ever need any advice related to knives, make an account there and ask in the forums(much like here I guess!).


                            the above website accepts payments through paypal!

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                              I got the link to chefknivestogo bur didn't get one for bladeforums if you were linking to a specific post. Mmmm. Duck and noodles!