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Jul 21, 2011 05:43 PM

Chatham Squire Fried Seafood Rocks!

Okay on the cape for a bit and on a cloudy day hit Chatham in order to satisfy the SO and her sister's desire to go into stores that smell like somebody's grandmother's poupourri with lots of pink seashell / mermaid / lobster crap.

I bought myself a shirt that said wicked pissah.

To cut to the chow chase. Best frickin' fried clams I've had in a while at the Chatham Squire.

Spot on perfect. Waiter tried to talk me into strips "the ones with bellies are kinda gooey." Ya right kiddo.

10+ on the fried clams. Cannot be improved upon. Fries were solid. Slaw was average. Who gives a crap about the slaw? srsly?

Portion, for $21 was verging on very large. No complaints there.

The SO ordered some garlic marinated then deep fried shrimp abomination. I was horrified. Guess what, it was ffing delicious too. It was the special of the day, and at $11 a serious bargain. They must have marinated the shrimp first then given them a slightly different (herby?) coating and another superb fry job. They were garlicky yummy inside and perfectly fried out.

The clams also passed the "hour later" test. No nasty fry job stomach gurgles after the fact.

Those clams rock. I want more NOW!

The waiter and the proprietor made it VERY clear that they take the food seriously. Wonder how the burger is.

Ambience is "beat on Cape Pub" with goofy license plates on the wall. This was in the bar. The resto looked a smidge more polished.

Yum, did I mention I want more NOW!

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  1. Second that, Striper Guy. My husband is a dedicated fan of the Squire's Fish and Chips. (I go for the broiled scallops myself.) And I have always thought their waitstaff was particularly skilled with handling all generations -- the wee small ones, the reverend elders, and all points in between. First Squire lunch of 2011 -- 14 days and counting....

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    1. re: charismayo

      The Squire's fried cod cheeks were always the best! I'll be there in August!

      1. re: ciclista

        Darn, I missed that on the menu. I might have even had that over the amazing clams!

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Agreed on the clams. I've never been lucky enough to visit when the cod cheeks were available. Their raw oysters are excellent: briny, deep cups, fresh daily from Oyster Pond just down the road. Wish I lived closer.

        2. re: ciclista

          The Squire's "fried cod cheeks" in this forum peeked my interest and I was able to convince my wife to go with me this past Sunday to see if they were available. She doesnt like the Squire- never has and never will. But everybody's entitled to their opinion and she was willing to accompany me so off we go.

          Had skipped lunch so we got to the Squire early (4:40). Luncheon menu only until 5:00 (unless you are in the bar, which we weren't)....Dinner menu begins only at 5:00.
          Wife only wants to order a sandwich off the lunch menu and I see that the Fried Cod Cheeks are indeed on tonights dinner menu. We order a couple of beers and try to figure out how to manage our order. Waitress was very accomodating and says she will put the sandwich order in at 4:59 and the cod cheeks order in at 5:01. We laughed about it (but i think she was serious).

          Did not take long for our orders to arrive and YES YES YES- the Cod Cheeks are great! And I had never heard of them before Ciclista mentioned them. About the size of a sea scallop and just pure joy to eat. Thanks! I shall return...maybe alone, but i shall return!

          Of note- seems like a lot of families with kids dine here. I'm sure it had something to do with getting there so early, but there was quite a few kids, both at the tables and in the waiting line at the front of the building when we left.

          1. re: kneerobber

            Yay!! I'm glad you got to sample them! I think they are only offered as a special (duh...obviously). Maybe in the fall/winter they were part of the regular menu. I look forward to having some real soon.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                @StriperGuy-Have you ever been to Charlie's in Gloucester? They regularly have them on the menu and do a great job with the fryer. Coleslaw is meh, but everything else tasty and good value.

        3. Ask how the mussels are prepped on any given day. If they say wine n' buttah, order it and ask for an extra basket of bread. Thank me later. ;)