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Jul 21, 2011 05:33 PM

Breakfast in Hanover NH

We will be in Hanover/Lebanon early Tuesday morning for a consultation at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
Where can we get a good breakfast after seeing the doctor?

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  1. For good diner type food, there is the Fort in Lebanon or Lous in Hanover.
    If you'd like to sit for something a bit nicer we like the Norwich Inn across the river in VT or Market Table in downtown Hanover.
    DHMC is a great facility. Good luck!

    Norwich Inn Restaurant
    325 Main Street, Norwich, VT

    1. I would add a vote for the Fort, just off I-93 in Lebanon. Superior, homey diner food -- clearly a draw for locals and truckers alike. I had outstanding corned beef hash and sincerely regret I do not live in the area -- the banana walnut pancakes deserve a return visit, for sure. Great waitstaff, too.

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        The Fort is great but don't expect fancy! one is off I 89, not 93....maybe 3 minutes away from the DHMC facility.

        1. re: madisoneats

          Thanks for the correction on the Interstate!

      2. In downtown Hanover (5 minutes from DHMC) is Lou's. Lou's is THE place for breakfast in Hanover. It's a diner type atmosphere, but a bit more upscale. Lou's has been around since the '40's and is only open for breakfast and lunch. Just fyi, DHMC's cafeteria is not bad, especially for breakfast.