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Eskimo Food In GTA

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Anyone know of any decent Eskimo Restaurants in the GTA?

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  1. I've heard of menus on occasion, but of no actual restaurants.

    (Eskimo is widely considered to be a pejorative term, and has since been supplanted by Inuit in Canada).

      1. The short answer is no.

        Even in the case of the occasional special meal that gets prepared while they use ingredients sourced from the Arctic the preparation methods are nothing like we would use here. For example Inuit eat char and salmon raw and frozen and don't smoke or season it.

        1. Nothing I've heard of here.

          I've been to Baffin Island a couple of times and what gets served in the (few) restaurants there is not what the Inuit would have traditionally eaten (primarily raw or semi-rotten meats and seafood). I kinda preferred the "down south" preparations of the local ingredients. The caribou and char were particularly delicious. Musk ox is also a fine meat.