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Mar 16, 2006 12:20 PM


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Has anyone eaten at LOU, the restaurant at vine and melrose,yet?

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  1. I haven't eaten there yet, but I did stop in for a glass of wine after dinner the other night. It is incredibly new - it opened just last weekend - and obviously still in its shakeout stage, but the wine list is eclectic and includes some real finds, the charcuterie is great, and the chef, Lori Eschler, has a resume that includes Europane, Grace and Jar. I have high hopes.

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      Thanks Condiment. I had heard at first that it was a wine bar and then a friend said 'No it is a restaurant'. So it sounds like you can do both. Do they have a bar to sit at if you just want to drop by for a glass?

      1. re: Petra

        It is basically a wine bar with food rather than a straight restaurant. And yes: there is a splendid bar.

    2. I noticed the place the other night and stopped in. Excellent for a light supper or after-theater snack. The wines are varied and interesting. The proprietor, Lou I guess, was knowledgeable and helpful.

      1. LOU is terrific. Great service and knowledge about the unique wine list. The food is tasty wine bar fare.

        1. I have, when they first opened. I remember enjoying it very much. A close friend who lives in the neighborhood goes regularly.

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            Their menu is VERY limited, although I like the fact that you can have tastes rather than full glasses of wine, allows for variety.

            The steak was nice, nothing that blew me away. The wild nettle soup is sort of salty. I thought 2 of the three salalmi slices were interesting (one tasted like spicy cinnamon, another like cardamon). Its very pleasant in there.

            1. re: noshie

              Lou rocks. GOOD food great people.

          2. Good food, great service, good wine. My only complaint is I usually go away hungry. Portions aren't what I'd call generous.