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Jul 21, 2011 02:01 PM

southwestern style food

we are looking for restaraunts that specialize in southwestern states style food in central or northern california. you know, good ole down home cookin'. thanks

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  1. do you mean Tx, Mexico Nuevo, or Az ? the chilies in New Mexico really makes the regional food there distinctive, and nearly impossible to replicate elsewhere.

    in Albuquerque, there's a traditional('down home cookin') place called Barelas Coffee House. setting the chilies issue aside, in Goleta there's a diner along the same lines, called Domingo's. you can have menudo or chile rellenos with eggs for breakfast, or more conventional stuff, and they serve dinners as well as the morning/midday meals, as traditional diners do.

    1. My favorite in CA (Anita's in Fullerton) is now closed. So now the only legit New Mexican style food I know of is in Santa Barbara. Zia Cafe. Not great but decent. Adovada is about right and they do a good salsa and sopapilla. But nothing like NW,

      In ABQ nothing beats Duran's Pharmacy for the real deal. Christmas style and homemade buttered flour tortillas all the way.

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        I believe Zia is now closed and can't find if anything has replaced it. Close by is the new Cadiz -offering the current Spanish tapas trend showing up now in Santa Barbara.