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Jul 21, 2011 01:15 PM


Hi. I was all prepared to make a skirt steak tonight that has been marinating for 24 hours (per the recipe I'm using). It is a simple marinade of garlic, olive oil (1 T) and pepper. The skirt steak is in two pieces with a total weight of 1.65 pounds. I've been invited out tonight and am wondering if I can make this tomorrow night instead. Will it ove-rmarinate? Is it safe to eat assuming the meat is not expired on the package's label?

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  1. As long as it's been sitting in the fridge, I don't see why you couldn't wait until tomorrow. And since you don't have any salt or acid elements in there, you're not in any real danger of overmarinating.

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      Without an acid component does a marinade add anything other than flavor?

    2. As plasticcup says, keep it refrigerated and there's no physical danger - honestly, even if it's a day past date, there's no danger. The only loss MIGHT be to the texture, which might go a tiny bit mushy on you. I wouldn't worry about it though; just rest it well before you slice.

      1. I did that earlier in the week, and it came out just fine.

        1. Thanks everyone! I'll hold on and hope for the best tomorrow!