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Jul 21, 2011 12:14 PM

Paris reataurants on Au Pot de Fer in the 5th?

After a lot of arranging,, we are retired and in the Latin Quarter for July and August on Tournefort. We walk down Pot de Fer every day and Mouffetarde. We enjoy good food, but prefer a reasonabe price. Any recommendations for Lunch or dinner?

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  1. - Dans Les Landes.
    - Christophe.
    - Les Papilles.

    Many, if not most, restaurants are closed in august,n or at least part of August.
    See this constantly updated list of restaurants in August:
    (Don't forget there are page 2 and page 3 to the growing list).

    1. It's rue du Pot-de-Fer and rue Mouffetard. You don't pronounce the final d.

      Try the recently opened restaurant Chez Gepetto on rue Daubenton, between rue Mouffetard and place des Patriarches.
      Mohsen is from Gafsa, Tunisia, and cooks excellent couscous, flavored with his own spice mix, with excellent organic vegetables in the broth (good vegetables in couscous are a rarity in Paris restaurants).
      His merguez are homemade, lean and utterly delicious. He also has a short but exciting wine list with some vins nature. I do recommend this new place. For those who don't want couscous he also serves plat du jour.

      1. (focusing on your reasonable price and area criteria)
        Lilane on the rue Gracieuse off the place Monge is very appealing ... pretty good deal at lunch ... and you can take in the outdoor market on the place Monge on wed and fri mornings on your way.... the quality of the cuisine is probably similarly to or slightly below that of Parigi's excellent suggestions of Dans les Landes and Christophe.

        Although in every guidebook, La Bourgogne at 144 rue Mouffetard remains a delight ... i've never had a full meal here just a plate of this or that when i'm peckish but the quality is always satisfactory to good

        The very old-school Le Petit Marguery is a delightful bistro with sold trad cuisine on the boulevard Port-Royal near métro Gobelins (just a 10-minute walk from where you are) has really good-value dinner "formule" during the summer ... less than 25 €

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          Totally second Petit Marguery, and thanks for the heads-up on the summer deal!

          Small lebanese stand on rue Blainville has good snacks/sandwiches. Real hole-in-the-wall.

          I like Bonjour Vietnam on rue Thouin.

          Pot-O-Lait for great crepes, rue Censier.