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Jul 21, 2011 10:15 AM

Shabbat takeout in NY?

Hi I need recommendations for a good kosher takeout/delivery to deliver to our hotel suite at the Philips Club next Friday nite for seven people. Location around Lincoln Center. I have heard of Kosher Marketplace and SuperSol but don't know if they are good. Your recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Both are good options. I don't know whether they deliver that far down for a reasonable price, but they are both good options. KMP has more creative food options and is a little (marginally so) pricier. For the standards, they are about at the same price point.

    Fischer Bros at 72nd and Bway may have prepared foods. It's a kosher butcher which I have only used for butchered items. It's also cash only.

    For a good dessert, check out Screme on 68th and Bway. It's an ice cream shop with a fair amount of pareve sorbets.

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      Fischer Bros & Leslie does have prepared foods. Family loved BBQ chicken. I liked quinoa salad.

    2. I agree with everything craig said. One other thing to be aware of, Supersol was recently bought and renamed Seasons. The menu is roughly the same as are the prices, but don't be surprised to see the name Seasons instead of Supersol.

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      1. I just wanted to update everyone. We ended up ordering a complete Shabbat dinner in from Nargila. The amount of food and the quality was very impressive. And it was extremely reasonable. Much easier than picking up takeout... they brought first courses, salads, meats, sides, dessert, fruit, challah and wine. We had so much left over that we gave it to the hotel staff. The delivery was on time and we couldn't have been more pleased. Highly recommended!

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          I'm assuming you ordered from the East Side location since the 72nd St. location is closed. I'm surprised to find they delivered all the way across town. Did they charge for delivery?

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            I think it was $15 for the delivery... the entire "Shabbat to Go" for 8 people was something like $179... very reasonable and a ton of food. We will definitely do this when we go back to NY over a Shabbat. We really did not have to buy one thing.